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How to Use Wig as a Protective Style For Your Natural Hair

How to use wigs as a protective hairstyle

We encourage naturalistas to rock their natural hair without the use of extensions, wigs, and other attachments added to the hair. However, we also understand that there are several factors that can determine when naturalistas would use either wigs or extensions. Some of these reasons could include;

  • The need to rock a different hairstyle without using heat tools on the natural hair
  • The versatility of wig styles
  • Having a tight schedule without ample time to tend to one's own (Although you should follow a regular routine for great results) 

What other reasons do you use wigs? let me know in the comments below.

That being said, we would talk about how to use wigs as a protective hairstyle for your natural hair, and in the next blog post, we would address the use of extensions as a protective hairstyle.

How Wigs are Damaging Your Natural Hair!

Wigs can cause immense damage to the in terms of traction alopecia hair when they are;

  • Worn/installed the wrong way
  • Stay on too long 
  • Rest tightly on the head
  • Worn without a wig cap

If you have to use wigs, here are a few steps you can take towards using the wig protectively as opposed to in a damaging way. 

  • The wig should never be worn directly on your natural hair. Instead, a soft wig cap must be used before all wig installations.
  • Ensure the elastic band of the wig cap does not sit on the edge of your hair, else, you risk your edges being eaten up slowly.
  • Your wig itself should not have bands that are too tight around the edges as well. This would put tension on the edges causing rapid breakage.

Do's and Don't of Using Wigs

Naturalistas who truly want to do right by their hair can actually adopt the Green House Method even while wearing a wig. Also, don't just use the wig to cover up unkempt hair, your hair should be in a healthy state before a wig installation. 

To save your edges, do not use hair bond or glue directly on the frontal of your hair to obtain that natural look or feel. We advise using a wig that has a pre-installed frontal, which you can simply wear without damaging your edges both during installation and removal. 

How to Restore Your Hair After Wig Damage

If your hair has been damaged by the wrong use of wigs, you can bounce back. With careful routine, patience, and the right products, your hair can gradually regain its volume, curl, and length. 

  • Completely halt the use of wigs.
  • Follow a routine suitable for your hair
  • Visit a trichologist for a thorough examination of your hair 
  • Use the right product combination 

To sum it up, using wigs protectively can actually help retain length, and reduce frequent manipulation of the hair. 

Has using wigs benefited you or damaged your hair? Let me know in the comments below.  

Is Alopecia a Medical Condition? The Jada Pinkett Smith Edition

I’m sure that by now, you must have heard about the whole slap issue between Chris Rock and Will Smith. If you haven’t, well… I will not say anything to you, just head to over to google. 

I will not belabor the issue by analyzing who is right or wrong, but will send my dagger straight to what was being claimed as the root cause of the entire brouhaha

It is being said that Chris Rock made fun of Jada’s Alopecia, a Medical Condition she’s currently facing. I keep reading this categorization on all platforms and I say to myself? “Really? Alopecia? A medical condition?”

So , do you think Alopecia is a medical condition or the news outlets have been categorizing it that way, in order to make the story weightier?

Firstly, what is Alopecia? This is just a general term for Hair loss, no matter the cause. So how can something which is a general term be tied to medical cause.

I always cringe when someone comes to me for help, and says things like

“I have alopecia, help me.”

“What is the cure for alopecia?”

This is equivalent to someone asking a paediatrician “How do I stop tears from flowing from my child’s eyes?” Of course, the first thing the doctor will ask is “what type of tears? What caused the tears? Is it tears of joy or does it emanate from pain?”

There are several types of Alopecia, and many of those Alopecia have different causes. Many of the Alopecia faced are as a result of what we have done to our hair, and are in no way medical. An example is Traction Alopecia. Very few of them are medical in nature, such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, and Alopecia Universalis.

For some others, Alopecia is not even the main issue, but a byproduct of a bigger medical issue, such as a cancer patient who loses her hair as a result of Chemotherapy.

As for Jada Pinkett Smith’s issue, I can’t really tell the cause of her Hair loss, so I don’t know whether it is a Medical Condition or not.

So, to summarize, some types of Alopecia are not medical in nature, while some are not. To determine if it is a medical condition, tests have to be done, and diagnosis has to be passed.

Most importantly, no matter the kind of Hair loss you are facing, just know you can always rock your hair in confidence, like Jada did.

Just in case you have any form of Alopecia that has caused you some tears and embarrassment, and you have not found solutions, I encourage you to join the waitlist for AN Superstars. Once you join this program, your alopecia will not stand a chance. The results speak for themselves

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How to Grow Your Hair With The Greenhouse Method

Greenhouse Method for Natural Hair Growth

What is the Greenhouse Method?

Just like in agriculture, where you create an alternate environment for a plant to thrive, with all required nutrients supplied and favorable weather available. The Greenhouse Method is basically creating a separate environment for your hair to thrive. The conditions are controlled to suit your hair regardless of the eternal state of the atmosphere. 

How to Stop Your Hair From Thinning

How to have high volume for your natural hair

Losing your hair can be devastating, but before the onset of any hair loss, there are usually tell-tale signs or actions you engage in that could lead to it. This is why it is important to constantly examine your hair and scalp from time to time. 

High Frequency Treatment For Hair Growth

High frequency treatment for natural hair

High-frequency treatment (HFT) is a skin treatment used for different dermatological issues. It tackles skin defects like cold sores, fine lines, puffy eyes, sagging skin among others. 

Over the years, it has been incorporated into hair loss/restoration techniques for natural hair. This treatment has no side effects and can basically be used "frequently" and can be done for any length or period

In this post, you would read about;

  • High Frequency Treatment for hair growth
  • How High Frequency Treatment works
  • When to do an High Frequency Treatment 
  • Where to do an High Frequency Treatment 

What is High-Frequency Treatment For Hair Growth  

The treatment has a great impact on hair and scalp restoration tackling issues like dandruff, hair thinning, and baldness. A rake-like glass that emits light, heat, energy, and ozone is applied to the scalp worked all around the entire hair.

High Frequency Treatment Equipment

How does High-Frequency Treatment Work For Hair Growth

When infused into your natural hair care routine, the benefits are usually noticeable. It works by stimulating the follicles of the hair to allow blood flow and enhance nutrient absorption for healthier, stronger strands.  

Some of the other benefits of the treatment include;

  1. It disrupts enzymes that cause hair growth dormancy in hair follicles. 
  2. It supplies a sufficient amount of energy to skin cells
  3. It breaks up sebum build-up
  4. It removes bacteria from the scalp
  5. It increases nutrients supply to hair follicles
The effects are reduced breakage/shedding, elimination of dandruff, improved hair growth, and overall healthy hair.

When to do a High-Frequency Treatment

Usually, we recommend you do a trichoscopy by a certified trichologist to identify what type of hair or scalp issue you are dealing with. This would also determine the duration of treatments you would be receiving.

However, if you notice frequent breakage, shedding, or signs of dandruff, you might need to take the step of infusing this treatment into your routine.

Note that this treatment can be done alongside using your other hair products and treatments like deep conditioning, clay mask, and steaming.

The HFT can be done twice or thrice weekly for effective results over 3 months.

Where to do a High-Frequency Treatment For Hair Growth

Africa Naturalistas Hair Clinic offers high-frequency treatment for natural hair loss, hair growth, and restoration. You can schedule an online or physical appointment with our certified trichologist for a thorough assessment of your hair and scalp to certify that this treatment is really for you. After this, you can then go ahead to book a session for the treatment here.

Other hair loss treatments available for you include;

Have you tried the high-frequency treatment before? Let me know in the comment section below.


5 Ways to Eat your way to Healthy Hair

5 foods foods for healthy hair growth

When considering healthy hair growth, oftentimes, naturalistas look in terms of the right products, routines/regimes, and protection, either ignoring diet or not taking into high consideration.

Hair Stylists' Guide: 12 Signs that your Clients' Hair is in Trouble!

The first person who notices a client's Hair Loss issue or Scalp Disorder is usually the Hair Stylist, but the stylist must be educated in the science of hair care to correctly identify these disorders

When it comes to hair stylists, we have bad hair stylists, regular hair stylists, and proactive hair stylists. A proactive hair stylist will not only "accidentally" discover issues in their clients hair and scalp, but will proactively look out for them, and offer recommendations or send clients to relevant specialists. As a hair stylist, you should aim to be a proactive hair stylist. And this is where this guide comes in.

If you are a Hair Stylist, this Ebook is my free gift to you. You can also forward this email to other Hair Stylists. Click here to download it.

Proven Ways to Effectively Protect Your Natural Hair During the Cold Dusty Season

The weather has changed drastically, and as naturalistas we need to be at the top of our game. This means being prepared and taking proactive measures in order to prevent hair loss or breakage during the dry and dusty harmattan season.

5 Ways to achieve your Hair Goals in 2022

Natural Hair Goals For 2022

The journey of your natural hair is a never ending one because you have to keep up with maintenance, the right product and the right regimen even if your goal is simply to have healthy hair. 
For some others, their hair goal might be length retention, tackling a recurrent hair or scalp condition such as traction alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, breakage, shedding or dandruff. 

If you are just about to start your hair journey, or you have been at it for a couple of months/years or you are about to make a big transition like locking your hair or doing a big chop, then you have to keep reading. 

We want you to be able to achieve your hair goals in 2022 and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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