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Products won’t give you Good Hair - Here's why

The mistake many people make when it comes to their hair care journey is they assume it starts and ends when you buy products. This couldn’t be further from the truth, products don’t work, but

1. You know people who buy products and just dump them on their shelves

2. Some people don’t know how to use products

3. Some people have more hair care needs than products can provide for

4. Some people …

Well, you need to actually use the products and learn techniques of hair care to see results. Sometimes, you need to ask questions over and over again, without being made to look stupid because of ignorance. Sometimes, you need community support, and other times you need to avoid falling into the ditch of false hair care information out there.

It is because of this that I’m inviting you to become a founding member of The Good Hair Tribe.

Here, you will have exclusive access to my expertise as a Certified Trichologist and Advanced Cosmetic Scientist. When it comes to hair and scalp care, I can boldly say I’m an authority


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Your Hair and scalp specialist


Certified Trichologist



The psychological impact of hair loss can be devastating when it occurs. This is because culturally, society associates healthy-looking, luxurious hair with beauty, youth, sensuality, good health, and vitality. And for so many people, their hair is their crowning glory and a source of self-expression. When people start experiencing hair loss, they believe that they are no longer attractive and/or getting old. All humans with hair shed between 50 – 100 strands daily. 



Everyone wants rich, shiny looking hair. And if it grows to an enviable length down your back, that would be just fantastic. However, it would seem that despite our efforts at wishing our natural hair to grow long and thick, it remains stunted and drab-looking. It is common knowledge that the hair grows at the rate of about half an inch every month, with that, you’d expect that by now your hair would be flailing in the wind. The reason you may not be seeing any significant difference in hair length or growth is because natural hair is breaking at almost the same rate as it is growing. But it is important to know that your natural hair is growing.



As we all know, dry weather can be extremely brutal, with little to no humidity in the air. This dryness is bound to affect every living creature causing issues like dry and chapped lips, brittle, straw-like hair which is not the go-to style for slaying. To avoid any drama, you need to protect your hair from all the damage that dry weather can cause which include frizz, dry, straw-like hair that can, of course, lead to hair breakage.



We all know natural hair tends to be dry and we also acknowledge the seemingly unending struggle to keep our natural hair moisturized beyond wash day. The natural oils produced by the scalp cannot be evenly distributed along the hair shaft because of the twists and turns in natural hair, unlike straight hair. To counter this, you must apply oils and natural hair butters to help seal in the moisture that you have worked so hard to infuse into your natural hair. These oils and natural hair butters also help to lubricate hair, thereby reducing the knots and tangles.

What’s The Difference Between Moisturizers and Sealants?

As a budding naturalista, you may often interchange moisturizers with sealants. It’s forgivable. Learning the right terms and moving forward is what is important. 



Have you had a persistently itchy scalp, sometimes accompanied by hair loss, flaking and soreness? This could be a result of a dry scalp. Dry scalp is caused by, well, a lack of moisture in the skin. For people who have dry skin, they can relate to the fact that when they do not moisturize properly, their skin can get really itchy and uncomfortable. This dryness causes the scalp to become irritated and flakes off. Dry scalp can also be caused by changes in weather (especially from cold to hot) and the use of harsh hair products. Don’t fret, the treatment of dry scalp is easier than you think. Follow these 4 easy steps and say bye to dry scalp.

The 5Rs Hair Care Masterclass


Hello, how are you doing? How is your mental health? Hope you are calming down from the unrest? We understand that things might not completely get back to normal this year again, but we have no choice but to hope.

At African Naturalistas, we want to wrap up this year with The 5R Hair Care Masterclass. Many of us have been shaken, such that hair care is the last thing on our minds. But all in all, we must still move on and hope for the best.

The 5Rs Hair Care Masterclass is the ultimate masterclass you will need to tow your hair on a healthy path, especially as we approach a new year. 

The 5Rs stand for Restart, Regrow, Rejuvenate, Retain, and Restore.

  • If you are looking for a fresh start in your hair care journey, it is time to Restart your hair
  • If you have suffered hair loss of any kind, it is time for you to Regrow your hair
  • If you are already on your journey to hair growth, but you hair is dull and flailing, it is time to Rejuvenate your hair
  • If your hair was once healthy, but something has gone wrong, and you can’t figure it out, it is time to Restore your hair
  • If you have grown your hair successfully, it is time for you to Retain your hair

The 5Rs Haircare Masterclass is for every woman with hair on her head. Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, short, long, curly, coily, healthy, damaged, No matter what category you fall under, the 5R Hair care masterclass is for you.

This masterclass is going to start your hair care journey afresh for the New Year. 

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Free E-book: 10 Secrets of growing Long Hair by Atilola Moronfolu


Are you one of those people who have tried to grow long and healthy hair without success? You keep hearing "all hair grow", but that statement has never manifested on your scalp. You know you are not sick, yet your hair has remained the same length for 10 years.

I have written a simple easy-to-read book, revealing the secrets of growing long hair. Contrary to what you might think, growing long hair is not difficult, but it has rules you must adhere to. If you do not adhere to these, you will just be pouring water into a basket, and all the time, effort and money spent on products will be a colossal waste of time.

10 Secrets of growing Long Hair is a free ebook for you to help you achieve your goal of healthy and long hair.

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Certified Trichologist



You’ve had the same hair care routine and used the same brand of products ever since forever and could not be bothered to change it. After all, that is why it is called a routine – consistency, repetition, and structure are the bedrocks of a hair care routine, asides from the products of choice. However,  it may be necessary for you to change your hair care routine from time to time. I know you’re thinking, “why fix it if it isn’t broken?” but not every regimen is a good regimen. You may have picked a regimen because it works for Sister A but it just might not be the best for you because your hair needs are different. You need a regimen built just for your hair. Let’s show you when to switch your hair care routine



First and foremost, remember in the post where we talked about hair porosity (you can read it here) and how important it is in knowing how to care for your natural hair? By now, you should know how to check your hair porosity to determine what your hair needs. Have you also ever experienced dry, brittle hair that feels almost like straw and also looks limp and dull? When you try to run your fingers through your mane, it feels like passing through dry grass. Dry natural hair looks dull and without sheen because it is not able to retain moisture. Dry hair leads, inevitably, to breakage which can in turn translate to a noticeable lack of length retention. Some causes of dry hair include excessive washing which can strip hair of its natural oils, excessive heat application, and changes in weather conditions.

Most natural-haired queens have experienced hair dryness from time to time and we are happy to present you with remedies to help restore shine and life into your hair.

  1. Deep condition your natural hair. Deep conditioning hair after every wash is a way of adding moisture back into natural hair and allows natural hair to retain moisture for days after washing. It is an important part of any natural queens hair regimen and should not be ignored. If your natural hair is really dry, you may want to increase the frequency of deep conditioning to once a week, preferably with heat (again, depends on your hair porosity). Otherwise, deep conditioning twice a month is just fine. The benefits of deep conditioning dry hair regularly asides from maintaining adequate levels of hydration in hair include: improving hair’s elasticity which means you can reduce breakage, and improves hairs’ natural shine. Read more about deep conditioning your natural hair here. Shop our African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise and add the much-needed moisture to your mane.

  2. Review your natural hair products. Sometimes, your hair outgrows the much loved and trusted products you have been using in your regimen. Your natural hair’s product needs may change over time. Hair needs can be affected mostly by external factors such as changes in weather and heat application. In the drier months, your hair will need a lot more moisture than you usually give, therefore, you may need to look for products that act as humectants, with the ability to retain as much moisture in the hair as possible. A thicker, richer deep conditioner is best for combating dry natural hair. You would also want to add a richer leave-in conditioner to your hair product list. 

A fact that is not spoken about enough is that excessive protein in the hair can be a major cause of dry, brittle hair. If you have tried everything to infuse moisture into your natural hair and have failed, look at the ingredient list on your hair products. Do they contain words like keratin, hydrolyzed wheat? These are proteins and your dry hair may be as a result of them especially if your natural hair has a sensitivity to protein. You may want to try using a deep conditioner that has a balance of both protein and moisture such as the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise. To be extra sure, you should book a session with Atilola of African Naturalistas who is a hair trichologist in Nigeria. She will be able to tell you the best route to take on your natural hair journey.

Some deep conditioning products

  1. Do a hot oil treatment.  Hot oil treatments are very effective in nourishing dry, brittle hair and help to strengthen and protect hair from further damage. Hot oil treatments work by sealing the hair cuticle, thereby protecting your hair from further damage and at the same time, nourishing your hair. Other benefits of hot oil treatments include reduced dryness of the scalp and hair, increased blood flow in the scalp which in turn will promote the growth of healthier natural hair. Perfect options for hot oil treatments include coconut, almond, argan, baobab, avocado, and olive oils. Shop the African Naturalistas range of carrier oils. You can use just one of these oils or a mixture of two or more. To gain benefits from using hot oils on your dry hair, the treatment has to be done regularly.

  2. Seal. Seal. Seal. After you have done all of the above, you definitely need to seal in all the moisture you have packed into your natural hair. Not sealing natural hair after going through the trouble of moisturizing will only lead to frayed ends and dry hair in a couple of days. Thick oils and butters like shea butter and castor oil are perfect options as sealants, especially if you have thick coarse hair. 

After infusing the much-needed moisture into your hair, you have to ensure that the moisture is not lost by covering hair with your satin bonnet or scarf while sleeping. Also, you may want to keep your natural hair in a protective style and remember to spray hair with a hair spritz such as the African Naturalistas Daily Hair Mist that is carefully formulated to keep your hair moist and supple. 

African Naturalistas Daily Hair Mist

Which of these tips have you skipped before? Found this article helpful? Don’t forget to like and share. Oh, and leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you. :)

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