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How Micro-Needling Reverses Hair Loss

Microneedling for hair loss reversal

Micro-needling! This buzz word is not new to people in the dermatological space as more and more skin care gurus have been including it in their skin care routine and would swear on its effectiveness.  However, a lot of natural hair enthusiast, hair stylist and self taught naturalistas are still yet to jump on the micro-needling effect and the benefits it has in reversing hair loss.

In this post, you would learn;

  • What micro-needling really is.
  • How micro-needling can reverse hair-loss
  • How to incorporate micro-needling into your hair routine

Micro-needling session procedure
Live Micro-Needling Session

What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling is the process of promoting hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles, using micro-needles. 
It is a non-surgical procedure that promotes the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels as well as the formation of completely new blood vessels. Micro-needling is also a safe and painless process that has been dermatologically-tested, designed by doctors, and proven to be effective in various hair and scalp issues. Micro-needling is perfect for people who are experiencing various kinds of hair loss such as alopecia areata, traction alopecia, androgenic/androgenetic alopecia and diffuse hair thinning without any residual side effects. 

How micro-needling can reverse hair loss

The micro-needles cause keratinocytes to release growth factors. Hair follicles are strengthened and
remain in the growth stage. Micro-needling has numerous benefits which makes 
it a trusted process for 
reversing and preventing hair loss. Some of these benefits are;
  • It deep cleanses the hair follicles
  • It reduces scalp inflammation
  • It enhance the immunity of the scalp
  • It also restores the normal PH levels of the scalp

  • micro-needling for hair loss reversal

How to incorporate micro-needling into your hair routine

A trichoscopy can be done to give you an overall diagnostics of your hair and scalp before you decide to incorporate the micro-needling process into your hair care routine.

We recommend microneedling sessions be done on your scalp one time every week in the first month and this can be increased to two times a month. For the healing process to be effective, we also advice that after the first two months of intense micro-needling, the treatment can be reduced to one session a month.

Micro-needling best practices 

It is best that your micro-needling session is performed by an experienced Trichologist to avoid infection, get the most effective result and also to be sure the right equipment and needle size is best for your hair.

Book a micro-needling session with a certified Trichologist here  

After a micro-needling session, you can go ahead with your regular application of natural hair products either using the LOC or LCO product application method.
As with many hair loss reversal procedures, patience, consistency and TLC (tender loving care) given to your natural hair, you are sure to see the results. 

At Africa Naturalistas hair clinic, we offer micro-needling sessions which you can book for Here

Apart from micro needling, we also have the following options for hair loss reversal.

How can I keep my Hair from greying

Are you one of those people who has grey hair, whether prematurely or postmaturely? Can you stop premature greying? What causes hair greying? How do you prevent it?

In this week's episode of Ask The Trichologist, we talk about premature greying, hair loss in babies, edge restoring, etc. 

So do how to you stop your hair from greying? Find out, and get the full scoop by clicking the video link below. And please, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. I promise, you will benefit immensely from the channel. 

Your Hair Care Coach


Certified Trichologist

How to Effectively Layer Hair Products on Your Natural Hair

How to layer natural hair care products

So you have got all the right products; moisturizer, sealants, conditioners, oils etc along with your satin scarf or bonnet to wrap it all up. What if I told you there is a method to the application of these products that would make such a huge difference and give you the desired results. What product should come before the other. 

In this post, you would read about;

* List of hair products you need

* Ways to layer your natural  hair products
Natural Hair Product Layering

List of Hair Products

If you have decided to take care of your natural curls more intensely, this list would help guide you into making a product selection for your hair. However,  if you are already on your natural hair journey, you can also do a quick check on this list to see what is missing. 

  • Leave-in-conditioner - Enhances elasticity and manageability of the hair.
  • Moisturizing shampoo - Ensures maximum hydration on wash days.
  • Mousse/Gel - Helps to tame, protect and give definition to your curls
  • Sealant - Light weight oils that seal in moisture
  • Spritz - Alcohol free hairspray for sheen
  • Pre-poos - Prevents loss of moisture during washing
  • Hair oils - Moisturizes and locks in moisture

Ways to layer your hair products 

The steps taken towards layering your hair products can sometimes be determined by a number of factors such as your hair type,  texture, condition of the hair, the goal, as well as the styling you want to achieve. 

The L.O.C method is one of the most popular methods when it comes to product layering/application.

Steps to Effectively Doing the LOC Method

The LOC method simply means liquid, oil and cream process of layering hair products on your natural hair. With this method, the goal is to retain moisture, therefore, we advise doing a deep wash using a moisturizing shampoo. If you have product build-up, we also advice you use warm water alongside the moisturizing shampoo.

Step 1. After washing, apply a water based leave-in-conditioner to begin the moisture retention process. 

Step 2. There after, you can follow-up with a light weight oil filled with vitamins and plant oils. These oils acts as a sealant to lock in the moisture even further  

Carrier Oil products in Lagos

Step 3. Next on the L.O.C application process is the butter curl cream to finally lock in the moisture. A good cream finally seals in the moisture process. 

You can go ahead to protect your with a sating scarf, bonnet or a satin pillow for the snooze I mean you don't want to lose all that effort you just put. 

If you do try out the LOC product application method on your natural hair, do leave a comment below and let me know how it goes. 

Curl cream

Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

Have you ever wondered about Hair Transplants? Do you know how it works? Does it even work? Is it right for you?

We finally kicked off our new show, Ask The Trichologist. It is a new initiative by African Naturalistas to answer your burning questions concerning Hair Loss and Shaft issues, and Scalp Disorders on Youtube. In this premier episode, we talk address Hair Transplant, dandruff, itch scalp, alopecia, Medical Doctor vs Trichologist.

So do Hair Transplants really work ? Find out, and get the full scope by clicking the video link below. And please, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. I promise, you will benefit immensely from the channel. 

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How to Protect Your Natural Hair From Chlorine While Swimming

5 ways to protect your natural hair from chlorine

You are probably here because you've realized the difference in the feel of your natural hair after taking a swim or you simply want know how to protect your hair before swimming. This is because chlorine is one of the many known chemicals like magnesium, copper, iron and calcium in hard water which have been found to be unfriendly to the natural hair.

Although highly effective in keeping pools clean and sanitized, chlorine can cause the skin dryness and irritation if it is exposed to long-term. In some cases, it can also cause the development of cell destroying  hypochlorous acid when it penetrates the skin layer. While protecting your skin is important, keeping your natural hair protected as well should also be a priority when taking a deep in the pool.

In this blog post, you would read about;

  • How chlorine water affects the natural hair
  • How to protect your natural hair from chlorine
  • How to treat chlorine damaged hair

How Chlorine Water Affects The Natural Hair 

High levels of chlorine can cause various problems for people with sensitive scalps. Some of these
include thinning or shedding of hair. Although chlorine can cause hair to turn greenish, it does not
change the color of the natural hair. The discoloration is caused by the metals in the water.

Constant exposure to chlorine especially in pools or other treated water can lead to irritation of the scalp, dryness, flaking and coarseness of the natural hair.

Deep conditioners for natural hair that help protect the hair from chlorine

How to protect your natural hair from chlorine

Some of the ways to protect your natural hair from chlorine is by;
  •  Using pure water to rinse the hair before taking a dip in the pool. Strands of hair are great at absorbing moisture. However, they can also be very difficult to absorb chlorinated water. The fresh water creates a blockade that make it difficult for the hair to absorb the chlorinated water. 
  • Using oils like coconut or olive oil provides a protective layer for your natural hair against chlorinated water. 
  • Also, applying conditioner to the hair before swimming also help in protection, however, this can be easily washed off but the damage would still be minimized as compared to when the hair and scalp is left bald.

How to treat chlorine damaged hair

Chlorine damaged hair is not permanent and your natural hair can be restored in no time. We recommend you wash and rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any impurities immediately after
swimming. Using a chelating shampoo is highly effective in getting rid of the harmful chemicals in the
pool. Bentonite clay also does an excellent work at removing the toxins

If you feel your chlorine has done long term damage to your natural hair as a result of frequent swimming,
Africa Naturalistas hair repair shampoo is definitely the way to go.

A protein-rich conditioner is also recommended to nourish and protect the hair.

If you notice hair loss after consistent swimming, we advice you visit our hair clinic for immediate
oils that protect your natural hair from chlorine

5 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair supplements for pregnant women

Just as every woman's body is different from the next, our experiences and outcomes would also differ. Women have unique experiences during pregnancy and after child birth due to the varying amounts of the hormone estrogen in the body as well as other factors.

Hair Loss During Pregnancy

What You Will Read in This Blog Post

  • Hair loss during pregnancy
  • Signs of hair loss
  • Causes of hair loss
  • 5 ways to avoid hair loss during pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy

While pregnancy can slow down the natural shedding of hair, it can also cause individuals to lose a lot of it. Some women might experience no loss of hair during or after their pregnancy, while some experience loss of hair during their pregnancy, some experience it postpartum and others both during and after their pregnancy, all in different intensities. 

Several factors can individually or jointly be responsible for hair loss during or after pregnancy

Signs of hair loss

Thinning: If you normally have thick, voluminous curls, and notice your hair is not as full as usual, this is a sign of hair loss.

Hair breakage/shedding: Sometimes, you don't need to run a comb through your hair before it falls off. If you find out a lot of your hair falls off when you do as little as run your hands through it, it may be a sign of hair loss.

Patchy or bald spots: Small patches of visible scalp, uneven hair and bald spots are a sign of severe loss of hair.

Receding hair line: Because hair loss often starts at the temples, its the first place you can check for signs of hair loss.

shedding hair during pregnancy

Causes of hair loss

Changes in the hormonal system:

The top cause of hair loss during pregnancy is as a result of the hormonal changes the body undergoes at different stages in trimester or postpartum. These changes occurs due to the bodies adjustment to the new growth in the womb and the need to support it. 


This another leading cause of hair loss during pregnancy as the body expends more energy to support both mother and child. Pregnancy related stress called telogen effluvium can lead to an increase in the amount of hair shed.

Health issues: 

Underlying health conditions like hyperthyroidism or the lack of essential vitamins like Iron can cause the hair to thin out, lose moisture and break. 

Decrease in hormone estrogen: 

This occurs about 3-4months after delivery as a result of the drop in the estrogen level.

Androgenic alopecia : is a type of hair loss that occurs when the growth phase of hair follicles is shortened or stopped.

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs on the head and other parts of the body. It can cause hair loss to return in different directions.

Hair growth during pregnancy

5 Ways to avoid hair loss during pregnancy

The good news is, pregnancy related hair loss is not permanent, can be prevented, minimized and also does not occur all through the 3 trimesters. You can prevent loss of hair during pregnancy through the following means;

  • Maintain a healthy diet: This goes without saying, as a pregnant women, eating healthy is a must. Aside from satisfying the usual cravings, eating specific food with nutrients like protein and Iron would greatly prevent hair loss. To keep the moisture in, water intake is also useful for healthy hair.                                                                                                    

  • Take hair supplements: Must be advised by your doctor. Some supplements can also result in hair loss as well, however  it is best to get advice from your doctor to be sure you have the right prescription. 

  • Avoid hairstyles that puts pressure on the scalp: Aside from the fact that tight hairstyles are uncomfortable, they pull and tug at the hair roots causing them to be weak hence, making the hair fall off easily when a comb is run through it.

  • Doing a hair examination during the first trimester: A physical examination can help prevent hair loss during pregnancy as this would enable you identify any underlying issues that may lead to hair loss early on. If any issues are observed, it would be easier to start preventive measures before hair loss escalates.

  • Use the right hair product: The pregnancy period is definitely not a time to gamble with hair care products. It pays to get the right products to keep your hair healthy all round the term. You'll be glad not to have relied on your hormones to cause any unwanted changes to your hair. Products that would help lock in moisture, add protein and other needed nutrients to your hair are great way to start.

Should Hair Supplements and Hair Products be Used Together?

Hair supplements versus products
Hair supplements versus products

This is the question that more and more Naturalistas are asking themselves, "the best way to combine hair supplements with products and if combining them is the best". 

The answer: yes! It turns out that some hair products contain active ingredients, such as microbicides, which kill bacteria responsible for scalp infections. These antibiotics may be an effective treatment when used with hair care products containing alcohol and/or other antimicrobials, like a moisturizer or shampoo.

While you are trying to give your hair the boost it requires, you also need to know the right combination of supplements and hair products to use as well as the purpose of usage.

What You Would Learn in This Blog Post;

  • How to know if you need hair supplements
  • Hair supplements and products to avoid
  • How to combine supplements and haircare products
  • Hair loss reversal supplement

How to know if you need hair supplements 

These are Vitamins that are specially made to stimulate healthy hair growth and boost the overall condition of your luscious mane. Supplements that contain active ingredients like Bamboo extract, collagen, Reishi Mushroom, Biotin, Flaxseed, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin D3, Horsetail to mention a few, have been known to assist in hair growth and the repair of damaged hair follicles. You would know when you need supplements if your hair falls into any of these categories;

  • Brittle dry hair
  • Hair Loss/Alopecia
  • Sensitive Scalp
  • Hair breakage

Hair supplements and products to avoid

A medication containing fatty acid amides (an antifungal) is used on the scalp. This medication can damage the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss. When taken in excess, Selenium and Zinc can lead to hair loss but in smaller, regulated amounts, promote hair growth. A topical antifungal cream with the same active ingredient is applied to the affected area and applied every day for 3 weeks. The medication may also be used during this time.

Several other hair care products contain alcohol, formaldehyde, benzene, sodium lauryl sulfate which can cause irritation and dryness, as well as increase improper hair growth should be avoided. The next time you choose a hair supplement or topical hair product, ensure to read all the ingredients.

Hair supplements to avoid
Hair Supplements to avoid

How to combine supplements and haircare products

You can confidently combine supplements and hair care products together especially when you experience rapid hair loss. One of such supplements you can combine with topical hair products for your natural hair is the DHT blocker. 

Natural hair products with ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Jojoba Oil, Virgin Seed Olive oil, Avocado Oil and Castor Seed Oil should be used in combination with hair supplements. However, the ingredient combination would be determined by the hair goal you want to achieve. If you are trying to add moisture to your hair, get rid of a scalp condition, add some volume and length or just in need of a sealant, either of these goals should determine your hair products.

Hair loss reversal supplement

It is possible to reverse hair loss and improve hair growth either on the edges, middle or base of the hair. The DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen male hormone that plays an important part in the development of the male body characteristics like muscles and hair. The DHT hormone is also produces in smaller quantities in the female body. 

This hair supplement has been found to decrease hair loss and increase hair growth by regulating the amount the hormones produced and in some cases, blocking the production of this hormone. 
DHT natural hair supplements in Nigeria
DHT Blocker With Biotin

Here is how to Transform your Hair Care Game

Ultimate Moisture Challenge

Hiya! how are you doing? I have really great news for you. Are you one of those people who have not been giving your hair the nourishment it needs? Maybe your hair is long, full and healthy. Maybe you consider yourself a "Lazy Naturalista" or you have just gotten confused about how to care for your hair because of so much conflicting information out there

Are you one of those people who have been battling dry hair for ages? Maybe you have listened to many people talking about how you can daily moisturize and seal your hair, but you have not seen how that works in practical terms.

After a decade of helping women achieving their hair and scalp goals, I’ve created the Ultimate Moisture Challenge that is for you if...

  • You are dealing with dry hair and scalp
  • Your hair breaks a lot
  • You have not been able to properly nail your moisturising and sealing routine
  • You moisturise regularly your hair but it dries fast
  • You have not been able to retain length
  • You want to build a habit of regularly caring for your hair
  • You need communal support in hair care
  • The Ultimate Moisture Challenge is a FREE 15-Day challenge to help your hair get the maximum hydration it needs.

Once you sign up for the challenge, you get

  • Daily Task Prompts
  • Ultimate Moisture Journal
  • Products and Tools checklist
  • Live Q and A Sessions with a Certified Trichologist
  • Access to an accountability Group

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