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Is your Hair something to be ashamed of?

I’m sure you must have seen the video that went viral late last month of a female pastor preaching to a set of single women in Nigeria about why they must always have their hair covered with wigs, in order to look attractive to find a man. Trust me, it was more cringe than I typed.

I don’t know when exactly it went viral, but I noticed people were just sending me to the clips on Instagram. The first time I saw this, I won’t lie, I was pissed off. 

First reason for my being pissed off was the level of ignorance spewed by a supposed “Woman of God” given a platform. Many times, when we are given platforms to speak to people of varying experiences, we have to be careful not to bring our own spectacled perspectives, and lay it out to people as advice

The second reason I was angry was that, “oh no… Not in 2023.” If this were the year 2010, I would have understood the lack of education about how beautiful our hair is. But not in 2023, after many women have finally come to accept the beauty of their God-given hair, one woman with a mic wants to set us back for generations???

It left such a bitter taste in my mouth, that I began to pray to God to wipe out the memory of that video. But alas, my prayers were not answered because people started talking about this issue everywhere, on social media, in mainstream news, I mean everywhere. So I decided to finally lend my voice. 

Do you know that at my hair clinic, the leading cause of Traction Alopecia has now shifted from weaves and extensions, and now transited to wigs?

Do you know the kinds of hair many women carry under their wigs?

And here is a woman who says that should be our default outward look?

She explicitly said “Invest in wigs. Don’t carry your natural hair out. Who has natural hair helped?” Like I said, it was more cringe than this

“Excuse me ma, natural hair has helped me, and many other women. In fact, many people don’t even know its my natural hair because of its amazing length (butt length)”

Natural Hair has helped us appreciate that God didn’t make a mistake when He created us

She said “Wear the wigs to attract him, when you get married, you can take off the wigs. By then, you’d have entered the marriage, and you’d have gotten what you wanted.” Like our natural hair is something to be hidden when we want to look beautiful. It was likened to a bad habit to be kept away, only to be revealed when we are now in our comfort zone, sort of how you shouldn’t fart during the dating phase, but you can fart in marriage

No, we will not be ashamed of our hair because of some people’s standards of beauty. In my own opinion, our hair is more beautiful than wigs when it is in its full glory.

If your natural hair doesn’t look good, the focus should be on how to care for it in order to look beautiful, and not shame it, hide it, or tell everyone that the standard for beauty is not natural hair.

If you also want to see the video, if you haven’t seen it, you can search for it with “who natural hair epp pastor.” Just be prepared to get triggered. As for me, I won’t do her the honors of giving her more notoriety.

I will really like to know what you thought or felt about the whole issue and video when you saw it.

Please reply in the comment section below

Successful Conclusion of The Good Hair Conference 2022: A Celebration of Hair Care in Home and Salon Environment

The Good Hair Conference

The Good Hair Conference, a groundbreaking virtual event dedicated to hair care and education, successfully concluded on December 10, 2022. Convened by Atilola Moronfolu, founder of African Naturalistas and The Good Hair Tribe, the conference brought together industry experts, influencers, and enthusiasts from around the world.

Highlights of The Good Hair Conference 2022:

Inspiring Keynotes:

Atilola Moronfolu, renowned for her pioneering work in natural hair care, delivered an insightful presentation on "How to Become a Certified Hair Coach." Her session provided valuable guidance for aspiring hair care professionals looking to formalize their expertise.

Expert Sessions:

Dr. Evonemo Esievoadje captivated the audience with her session on "How PCOS Affects Hair Care." Her expert insights shed light on the complex relationship between polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hair health, offering practical advice for managing these challenges.

Engaging Debate:

The conference featured a lively debate between Makeda Samuel Gaskin and Oluwatobilola Bolashodun on the topic "Salon Hair Care vs. Home Hair Care." The debaters presented compelling arguments, enriching attendees' understanding of the pros and cons of each approach.

Dynamic Panel Discussion:

A distinguished panel comprising Yetunde Edunjobi (Social Media Influencer), Shana Nunnelly (Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur), Mashia Grazes (Beauty Expert and Hair Stylist), and Linda Osuntade (Hair Products Entrepreneur) discussed "The Business of Hair Care." The panelists shared their experiences and visions for the future of hair care, sparking a lively and informative discussion.

Interactive Entertainment:

The conference was masterfully hosted by Olusola David-Elegbede of Mummymo Hair Care, who ensured a smooth flow of events. Attendees also enjoyed interactive games and quizzes, with numerous participants winning exciting gifts, adding an element of fun to the educational experience.

Annual Awards and certificates were also presented to members of The Good Hair Tribe who had been outstanding in the membership journey throughout the year

Atilola Moronfolu, Convener of The Good Hair Conference, expressed her gratitude, saying: "The Good Hair Conference was a resounding success, and we are thrilled with the enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from our attendees. Our goal was to provide a platform for education, discussion, and celebration of hair care, and we achieved that and more. We look forward to continuing this journey with our vibrant community."

About The Good Hair Conference:

The Good Hair Conference is an initiative by The Good Hair Tribe, founded Atilola Moronfolu, aimed at promoting Hair Care Literacy, community engagement, and professional development. The virtual conference brings together experts, enthusiasts, and professionals to share knowledge and celebrate the beauty of hair care.


The Good Hair Tribe

Email: info@thegoodhairtribe.com

Website: www.thegoodhairtribe.com


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The Good Hair Conference

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What causes Sores on my Scalp?

There are many reasons why you will have sores on your scalp, ranging from scalp disorders to infections and graduation of other issues.

In this episode of Ask The Trichologist, we talk about some of the causative factors of scalp sores and injuries.

Ask The Trichologist is a show by African Naturalistas to answer your burning questions concerning Hair Loss and Shaft issues, and Scalp Disorders.

If you want us to answer your questions, ask them in the comment section, or send an email to att@africanaturalistas.com

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Our services at African Naturalistas Hair Clinic include

Is it safe to dilute my Hair Products?

Dilution of Hair Products is a common practice both in the salon and home environment. But is this common practice okay? What effects does this practice have on our hair and scalp? In this episode of Ask The Trichologist, we talk about this from a scientific view, and its practical effect on you and I

Ask The Trichologist is a show by African Naturalistas to answer your burning questions concerning Hair Loss and Shaft issues, and Scalp Disorders.

If you want us to answer your questions, ask them in the comment section, or send an email to att@africanaturalistas.com

Are you in an Abusive Marriage with your wigs?

Imagine a woman who is married to an abusive man. She desperately wants to leave the marriage, but she is not financially empowered, and has no plans to get empowered. She really hates her abusive husband, but is forced to stay there because she has no means to support herself. 

Her husband was the one who financially incapacitated her. She wants to leave. She can’t leave. She hates herself

She depends more on the man even in the horrible situation, causing her to become worse, forcing her to depend even more on the man. She finds herself in a vicious cycle hard to break out of.

This is the same situation many people are facing when it comes to wigs and their receding edges.

Where does our Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise get its yellow colour from?

If you have come across or used our Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise, you would have noticed its vibrant yellow colour. If not, the picture below will let you know how it looks colour-wise.

Most Deep Conditioners are white, but ours is yellow, without the aid of any artificial colourant. This is because there’s a power ingredient in this product - Palm Oil. Some people call it Red Oil or Red Palm Oil

As will all know, palm oil ranges from very Dark Orange to Bright or Dark Red.

Red Palm Oil has been classified as one of the most nutrient-dense oils in the world. It is therefore no surprise that it is very good for the hair

Red palm oil is also rich in vitamin E and that benefits the hair by promoting cell growth of the hair follicles, which results in stronger hair. Vitamin E also decreases graying of the hair and hair loss. The carotenes in red palm oil is also responsible for the growth and division of cells and will prevent the hair from becoming weak and brittle, and this is just a tip of the iceberg

However, Palm Oil, on its own, is a very messy oil, and will stain every single thing it comes across. God bless you if try to use this oil on your hair, like the regular coconut oil. It will stain your bathroom, your towel, your face, your hair, everything it touches or smells.

So using this oil as an ingredient in the Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise was a genius idea to help you, get the best of it, whether you want to use it as a pre-poo or post-poo treatment. The Good news is that it will not stain anything because it is protected the healthy fats in the product.

So now that you have this information, whachyugondobourit?

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Are Sulphate Free Shampoos better than Sulphate Shampoos?

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Ask The Trichologist is a show by African Naturalistas to answer your burning questions concerning Hair Loss and Shaft issues, and Scalp Disorders.

If you want us to answer your questions, ask them in the comment section, or send an email to att@africanaturalistas.com

Differences between Androgenic Alopecia and CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia)

It is very easy to mistake Androgenic Alopecia for CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia) or vice versa, especially when these conditions are in their advanced stages. Misdiagnosing these conditions will mean approaching them with the wrong solutions. In this episode of Ask The Trichologist, we talk about FIVE clear differenced between .Androgenic Alopecia and CCCA 

Ask The Trichologist is a show by African Naturalistas to answer your burning questions concerning Hair Loss and Shaft issues, and Scalp Disorders.

If you want us to answer your questions, ask them in the comment section, or send an email to att@africanaturalistas.com

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