Monday, 19 November 2018

Say YES to low prices on African Naturalistas this Weekend!

Hello beautiful people. How are we all doing? We are very excited to inform you that towards the end of this week, we will be having our biggest sales ever of African Naturalistas products. With up to 40% off prices, what else could you ask for? Yeah, we know our products are not expensive, but you can get them at even lesser prices this season.

Terms and Conditions

  • This sale will open on Thursday 22nd, November 2018, and end on Friday 23rd, November 2018 by 12 midnight, and will only be valid for orders placed on those days
  • Offer valid while stock lasts, i.e. nce the product finishes, that will be the end of sales for that product
  • Sales are only valid for orders placed directly with African Naturalistas (whatsapp, online store, and phone)
Several ways of placing orders

Online store: Go to, and place your order
Email: Send an email to with a list of your order
Whatsapp: Send us whatsapp message on 07061141501
Phone call: Place a call to us on 080913776991

So no matter the method you prefer, we got you covered. It all depends on what is convenient for you. However, please note that due to the many products we have, you might still need to go to to familiarise yourself with the price slashes. We look forward to an exciting time with you this weekend.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Earn Extra Cash with African Naturalistas Products

We want to thank you for being there for African Naturalistas through the years. We will like to inform you that there are numerous opportunities to make money, by being a reseller of African Naturalistas products, wherever you are in Nigeria.

What you get from Selling African Naturalistas Products
1. Whether you want to make reselling our products your main business or side business, we have a program to suit you. We are flexible to suit your needs
2. Reasonable profit margins
3. Regular continuous publicity of your business on all our social media platforms
4. Free exchange for all damaged items
5. Free phone hair consultancy to your customers, between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Of course, you can use this as a sales pitch to your customers.
6. Giveaway souvenirs for your customers at the end of the year or any of our promotional seasons.
7. And so much more

Why African Naturalistas exactly?
1. We are a pioneer Natural Hair Care brand, well known in the natural hair industry in Nigeria, and have stayed long in the market, enough to gain credibility. No, we are not a flash in the pan!
2. African Naturalistas products are manufactured by a certified advanced cosmetic scientist, and a trichologist. No, we are not just cream mixers hoping to make a quick buck!
3. Many of our products are NAFDAC Certified. All our products are manufactured in a NAFDAC approved factory, located in Lagos Nigeria

So are you interested in earning more cash by selling African Naturalistas products?

Simply send an email to, with the subject "I AM INTERESTED', and we will send you the brochure to get you started

Monday, 1 October 2018

Let's talk about Seborrhea and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Yeah we know your scalp is itching you. In fact, you have hit your head over and over again, till people assumed you were mad. To make it worse, you didn't even have extensions on... or maybe you did. It isn't surprising that you have diagnosed you issue to be dandruff, but you have used all the anti- dandruff shampoos you can use without getting any relief.

It is very common for women to conclude that they are dealing with dandruff issues when their scalp is flaking and itching. Not every case of flaky or itchy scalp is dandruff. Seborrhea and Seborrheic Dermatitis is one of the options.

This October, we will be dissecting Seborrhea and Seborrheic Dermatitis. There will also be a Q and A session when you can ask questions pertaining to the topic.

The date of this Webinar is 6th of October 2018, by 6pm (GMT+1).

To join this webinar, you will need to register using the link below. The good news is that even if you are not around by 6pm (GMT+1) this Saturday, the webinar will be available for one week after we go live. You can always watch it later as long you register

See you on Saturday

If you live in Nigeria, we wish you a Happy Independence Day.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Get Your Free Hair Regimen this month of September only

Hello beautiful people, we the people of African Naturalistas have a free gift for you. You can now go to to get a free copy of the A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen.

All you need to do is follow the steps below

1. Go to
2. Click on shop,
3. Select the first regimen (The one which costs 0.00 dollars or naira),
4. Add to cart and checkout with round checkout icon on your top right
4. Enter your details, place order, and download once the download link is given to you. (You won't be required to enter any payment details)

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Click here to get your FREE Hair Regimen today.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

How Crotchet Hairstyles are slowly killing your hair - Webinar

Hello beautiful people. This September, we will be shaking some tables o. If you know you are standing on that table, you better get down now because we are about to do some massive damage.

We are going to be talking about the ever popular Crotchet Hairstyles!!!

In most cases, when our hair has issues, it is self-inflicted, and largely due to ignorance. Crochet hairstyles have been the trend for a couple of years now, and they are not going anywhere soon, mostly because of the convenience attached.

In this webinar, we will be discussing the dangers of Crochet Hairstyles, and how you can reduce the risk of being subjected to them.

This is what we will be discussing this Saturday, 8th of September 2018, by 6pm (GMT+1).

There'll also be a Q&A session where we will be answering all your hair care questions.

To join this webinar, you will need to register using the link below. The good news is that even if you are not around by 6pm (GMT+1) this Saturday, the webinar will be available for one week after we go live. You can always watch it later as long you register

Click here to register

See you on Saturday

Thursday, 23 August 2018

African Naturalistas Products now NAFDAC Certified

Hello  beautiful people. It is been a while. So many things have been happening at African Naturalistas. And we have good news.

After all the stress, disappointments, frustrations, we are happy to let you know that African Naturalistas products are now NAFDAC Certified.

We want to say thank you for your support throughout all our years of existence.  It definitely wasn't easy, and it came with a lot of  challenges and necessary growth.

Thank you for believing in us all these while. Together, we can make African Naturalistas bigger, and take the products global. Keep your fingers crossed, as a lot of new developments are in the works.

In the meantime, you can get all your African Naturalistas products here.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The real reason why your hair is getting damaged

We are doing it again, and better this time. This Saturday, we will be hosting a webinar on “Principle of Hair Damage.”

The truth is that as you read this, you are either dealing with Hair Damage, or know someone that is dealing with Hair Damage. It is very possible that you have run from pillar to post, to figure out the cause of your Hair Damage.

While we might not know the exact cause of your Hair Damage, since we haven't diagnosed you, we know for sure that there are certain principles that govern Hair Damage, and this is what we will be discussing this Saturday, by 6pm (GMT+1).

Once you get a hand of these principles, you will be able to figure out your Hair Damage, no matter what way it manifests itself. It is just like going to the root to deal with a problem, rather than attacking the issue from the branches. There'll also be a live Q&A session where we will be answering all your hair care questions
To join this webinar, you will need to register using the link below. The good news is that even if you are not around by 6pm (GMT+1) this Saturday, the webinar will be available for one week after we go live. You can always watch it later as long you register.

Click here to register.

Monday, 16 July 2018

DID MY HAIR GROW? 6monthsprotectivestylechallenge Results!

Yass Yasss Yas, many great things are happening! How have things been on your end? How are you thriving so far in 2018? Isn’t lit?! It's been crazy lit on my end and I’m still swooinng from all the choices, moments and experiences life continues to offer me. And for every single one, good and bad I am grateful! My nappy-trip to India was all sorts of crazy!

It’s definitely feels super amazing to be back to fast and working wifi, clean streets, and space! oh sweet space. Have you been to India? If you have you can probably catch my feels, haha! India was crrrraaaaazzzyyy I tell you. My #3odaysinIndia Vlog series is releasing from the 1st of July on NappyeseTV so turn on notifications for my Youtube and Instagram posts!


 This post is dedication to my #6monthprotectivestylechallenge. It ended last month! 6 whole months of wearing my afro in Braids, Headwraps, Wigs and Low manipulative hair style. I loved all my hairstyles! They were simple and inexpensive. I think the most expensive ones were my long silver box braids.

Here are the results;



Length: 7 & 1/2 inches


Length: 9 & 1/2 inches

That’s about right. Hair grows on n average of 4-6 inches per year. In half that time (6months) I got my allotted 2&1/2 inches.
Check my previous post on my protective style challenge and see my progress from the beginning;

My 6 months protective style challenge

#6monthprotectivestylechallenge: 3 MONTHS UPDATE

Ya! so I definitely think I’m a natural hair Nazi. Watch my funny video below to see how I mean, its proof! haha I learnt a lot about myself making this video!

I also love protective styling, lazy natural for Life. I could protective style 12 months in a year even! Because I know it is the surest and easiet way to preserve nappy hair length and health.

I didn’t miss my Mushu one bit (lol..ok lies, but you get the gist) and the timing was perfect for India. I only shampooed and conditioned once in the whole time I was there.
Will you join me on the next protective style challenge?? Have you gone a protective style challenge before? If so, what were your results?

Love and Nappiness


Monday, 9 July 2018

You can now solve all your hair care and growth issues with a single document!

Did you miss our webinar last week? I must say that you missed. Good news is that it is still available to watch for the next 5 days, and you can still ask questions. We will answer them, and send to you via your registered email. Click here to watch the webinar

Let me tell you the truth... Many women have hair problems! Trust me, I have seen so many things in this my career as a hair expert. Don't believe the illusion created by wigs and extensions.

As you most probably know by now, we have a Hair Clinic at African Naturalistas, where we treat and manage over 50 Hair and Scalp disorders.

Hair has always been a passionate issue for me, and I've always treated it with so much seriousness. It has never really been about money for me, but about helping women with hair issues. My heart breaks when I see one more woman suffering from hair and scalp disorders, largely due to ignorance.

It is because of this sole reason African Naturalistas has evolved into what it is today, and will keep evolving.

Here's a slight summary...

A very long time ago, I realised that Africans didn't know how to care for their natural hair, and relied heavily on Black Americans to teach them what to do, even though our hair situations were quite different. So we started African Naturalistas blog

Then people started coming to us for products, because the products available then were all foreign and not very affordable. So we started African Naturalistas Hair Products

Then people started asking for products to treat their Hair loss and other Hair and scalp disorders. We realised that not everyone's issues will respond to the generic "coconut oil and castor oil" remedy, which bloggers are always quick to prescribe. We realised that truly, many ladies' hair issues are unique, and must be treated as such. So we armed ourselves with knowledge, got certifications in Holistic Practitioner of Trichology... and we opened a Hair Clinic

Then we started getting requests from people who couldn't visit our Hair clinic because of location. While our Hair clinic was and is still effective, we can't reach everyone. We realised also that what many women are facing with their hair right now is as a result of lack of proper hair care regimen, either due to ignorance, or time to study their hair and come up with a proper hair care regimen. So we did the following

We came up with the A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen to help you care for your hair. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can get this book, choosing the one that best suits your situation, and manage your hair. This book is our unique invention, because it is not your regular e-book. There are many good things about it, and one of them is that it is an interactive document. You click on your desired date, and all the things you are supposed to do on your hair that day is what appears to you.

I really cannot begin to list the goodness about these documents, but you can check them out here.

The A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen is supposed to last you for 365 days. So for example, if you get it in July, you will get regimens from July 2018 to June 2019. But we included a bonus of extra six months worth of Regimen. This offers is valid for only a few weeks though.

Once you have gotten your own 365-Day Hair Care Regimen, and you begin to see result, please don't hesitate to send us pictorial testimonials so other people's doubts can be cleared.

Get is now by clicking here

Monday, 2 July 2018

African Naturalistas's Forever-Lasting gift to you, and more to come

Hello beautiful people. We are sorry that it seems like we abandoned all our readers, but that is far from the case. There's a Yoruba proverb that translates thus

"The Ram that takes some steps backwards, it means it is going to recharge to get more power."

This totally summarises the situation of things on this blog, and in African Naturalistas in general. A lot has been going out. We are in our product development and expansion phase, so it has really beein consuming. Also, a lot of things will be changing in all segments of African Naturalistas, including the blog. We are at that sensitive period of our existence when It is either we evolve or we die. And of course, there's no dying allowed where we are concerned. The honest truth is that everything we do at African Naturalistas is driven by the need to make people's hair journey easier. It is our forever-lasting gift to you

As I said, so many things have happened, and are still happening, and little by little, we will be informing you about these things.

This week, I will like to start with the below information

This Saturday, we will be hosting a webinar on “Chemical Composition of the Hair and how it affects your daily hair care routine.” I know it sounds all science-y, but trust me, it is fun webinar and you will be the main beneficiary of this webinar, in terms of knowledge gained, and how you will apply it. There'll also be a live Q&A session where we will be answering all your hair care questions

To join this webinar, you will need to register using the link below. The good news is that even if you are not around by 6pm WAT this Saturday, the webinar will be available for one week after we go live. You can always watch it later as long you register

Click here to register for the webinar

See you all on Saturday
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