Where does our Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise get its yellow colour from?

If you have come across or used our Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise, you would have noticed its vibrant yellow colour. If not, the picture below will let you know how it looks colour-wise.

Most Deep Conditioners are white, but ours is yellow, without the aid of any artificial colourant. This is because there’s a power ingredient in this product - Palm Oil. Some people call it Red Oil or Red Palm Oil

As will all know, palm oil ranges from very Dark Orange to Bright or Dark Red.

Red Palm Oil has been classified as one of the most nutrient-dense oils in the world. It is therefore no surprise that it is very good for the hair

Red palm oil is also rich in vitamin E and that benefits the hair by promoting cell growth of the hair follicles, which results in stronger hair. Vitamin E also decreases graying of the hair and hair loss. The carotenes in red palm oil is also responsible for the growth and division of cells and will prevent the hair from becoming weak and brittle, and this is just a tip of the iceberg

However, Palm Oil, on its own, is a very messy oil, and will stain every single thing it comes across. God bless you if try to use this oil on your hair, like the regular coconut oil. It will stain your bathroom, your towel, your face, your hair, everything it touches or smells.

So using this oil as an ingredient in the Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise was a genius idea to help you, get the best of it, whether you want to use it as a pre-poo or post-poo treatment. The Good news is that it will not stain anything because it is protected the healthy fats in the product.

So now that you have this information, whachyugondobourit?

You can start by clicking the link below to get our Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise and any or our other products?

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