Are you in an Abusive Marriage with your wigs?

Imagine a woman who is married to an abusive man. She desperately wants to leave the marriage, but she is not financially empowered, and has no plans to get empowered. She really hates her abusive husband, but is forced to stay there because she has no means to support herself. 

Her husband was the one who financially incapacitated her. She wants to leave. She can’t leave. She hates herself

She depends more on the man even in the horrible situation, causing her to become worse, forcing her to depend even more on the man. She finds herself in a vicious cycle hard to break out of.

This is the same situation many people are facing when it comes to wigs and their receding edges.

They want to be free enough to choose to go out without wearing wigs, but they can’t because they need the wigs to cover up the bad edges, even though for some ladies, the wigs caused the problems in the first place. However, the more they depend on the wig, the more the wig damages their edges, thus making them even more dependent on the wig. It is such a vicious cycle that no one wants to find themselves in.

While I don’t have the capacity to help an abuse victim get out of a toxic marriage, I can help you get out of the toxic and abusive relationship with your wigs. Wigs should be something for occasional beautification, not a handcuff that holds you bound, without choice.

If this is your story, my first advice is to

  1. Get the Fertile Edges Set (not just the Edge Restoring Cream)
  2. Get the Satin-lined wig cap, so the wigs don’t have direct contact with your edges, and the regular wig cap doesn’t have the opportunity to extract moisture from your hair and break your edges even further
  3. Start using the above products
  4. Once your edges are better, ditch the wigs for a while, and send us your testimonials

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