Pre Poo Hot Oil Treatment for easier Wash Day!

Hi Lovelies! Doing a Hot Oil Treatment before a full wash, greatly helps your hair in terms of reducing tangles by oiling the hair strands and enabling them to glide past each other rather than tangle up during your Wash Day Process. I normally do my own home produced hair treatment but this time around I bought one of these hand made all natural hair treatment online from the company Lush.
  These come in a range of natural hand made products. The one I chose was the 'Hair Doctor. 'The ingredients include Coconut Oil,Jojoba Oil, Rosemary and Red Henna. All these infused together work to leave the hair feeling stronger and nourished and ready for the somewhat wear and tear process our hair actually goes through on every Wash Day. The Treatment comes attached to a wooden stick on which directions for use are clearly highlighted.
  My hair was left looking and feeling amazing! Any Hot Oil Treatment will work a treat on your Natural Hair prior to washing. Give it a try if not already doing so!

  Enjoy the video Ladies!



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  1. This is a very effective Oil. I used this for some time and now I can see growth and improvements in my hairs.


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