My biggest newborn baby hair mistake

When you are a first time mum the first few weeks you have help - ofcourse there are exceptions - and your baby is not totally your responsibility to take care of and in those few weeks you have to either be armed with information or experience will trump what you have no clue about.

I was told that there was a need to put eucalyptus oil into my baby's coconut oil as it will prevent him from having cold. I didn't object but it had it's consequences. After a while, I noticed that there were sores on his head and I started panicking. It was just the eucalyptus oil that was the strange thing that we were putting on his head. I contacted the internet and our own Trichologist and the first point of call was to stop putting the oil mixture on his head. 

I started using shea butter on the sores and making sure that it was always moisturised. After a couple of days it started having white patches and I got worried that it was spreading but apparently it was healing and by this time it was looking like cradle cap on some part of his head. 

Just put enough olive oil on the head and used a fine tooth comb to comb it out and doing that like 2-3 times all the white patch left his head and I couldn't be happier.

One lesson I learnt; If you are not comfortable with something, speak up. 

What mistakes did you make with your baby's natural hair?

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