Wash Day using Moroccan Ghassoul Clay!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! I tried out Ghassoul Clay Wash on my last Wash Day. I have been on a quest to try and get my hair healthy and an alternative to commercial shampoo has always sounded good. Enter Ghassoul Clay!
Ghassoul Clay is a superfine Clay Powder which is nutrient dense and rich in minerals such as Silica, Magnesium and Calcium. It is highly esteemed around the world in exclusive professional spas for its cleansing, nourishing,exfoliating and rejuvenating properties.
This clay when mixed with warm water and applied to your scalp and the length of your hair will leave your hair thoroughly cleansed, conditioned and moisturised.
The Clay works to draw out toxins and impurities caused by product build up from your scalp and hair. I left it on for half an hour and it worked its magic. Enjoy the video Ladies!



  1. No data to watch the video mbok. But from what I can see in the picture, wow! Curls are popping! Mitchell

  2. I absolutely love using this clay whenever i can get my hands on it


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