3 Benefits of Deep Conditioning Your Child's Natural Hair

Benefits of Deep Conditioning Your Child's Hair | African Naturalistas

Have you ever deep conditioned your child's hair? What did you use? How did you do it?

If you have answers to these questions, make sure to comment below... now, let's get into the benefits of deep conditioning your child's natural hair.

Deep conditioning is a treatment process that infuses moisture into the hair strands and if your conditioner contains protein, it can help strengthen the hair in the process. 

One complaint that parents/caretakers have of their child's hair besides growth is the fact that it is not soft enough. The degree of softness varies depends on the age of the child and texture of the child's hair. Deep conditioning helps to bring in adequate moisture into hair that is dry and brittle.

Deep conditioning hydrates the hair strand especially when using as a preventive measure. When hair is not properly hydrated, it will lead to breakage. When deep conditioning is done regularly, it reduces the risk for the hair to break unnecessary.

Elasticity in natural hair is one of the signs of healthy hair. When your child's hair has elasticity, it will not break easily. If you take a strand of hair and stretch it, if it breaks easily and you have not been deep conditioning, then you might want to incorporate it into your child's regimen.

It just takes 15-30 minutes to deep condition. Make sure to incorporate some form of heat to get the best results.

This video shows how to do it with body heat (indirect heat)

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  1. What age do you recommend to start a healthy hair regimen for a child?

    1. A healthy hair regimen starts from birth. Incorporating hair treatment will depend on the needs of the hair. Since hair grows at different rates depending on the child's health, genetics, and other factors, understanding the needs of the hair is crucial. I share this on my channel, DiscoveringNatural.

  2. I love deep conditioning. Very beneficial.

    1. I am glad to see that. Yes, it is very beneficial for our lovely natural hair.

  3. If adults need it, kids definitely need it.


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