Natural Hair Trends To Ditch in 2017

I totally just had a good laugh while watching this hilarious video that addressed natural hair trends we need to ditch. This is for those who like to watch Youtube videos on natural hair - from big chops, to wash day tutorials, to those terribly long introductions before actually getting to the topic of the video! For example, you have those videos that share 3 tips on how to grow natural hair, that end up being 15 minutes long, because the vlogger spent the first 12 minutes talking about something else!

Are there any trends you want to see die this year? Let me be honest - even though I wear a lot of wigs and like how crochet braids are great, I'm kinda getting sick of everyone covering up their hair, myself included! Hence my post from the beginning of the year.

Have a great weekend!
Berry Dakara.


  1. Just like fashion, one person's fashion style might be different from another person's style. Personally, I feel that that if a particular trend is helping someone with their hair, then it is okay for them to keep it. I am an advocate for doing what works for your hair and your lifestyle.

  2. Totally agreed. What someone else might be tired of, I may just be finding and loving. So of course, it really boils down to individual tastes.

  3. Lol!!
    Oh those long introductions! Annoying.

  4. Gosh, this is so funny. I couldn't hold the laughter.


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