Taking out your dreadlocs without cutting it

Hello Naturalisatas, 

How are you all doing? Kinks and all?

For the longest of time I have always thought that the only way to get rid of your locs is by shaving it off and I can understand when people want to go this route because of the work involved in this other method we would discuss today. However, there are some people that absolutely do not want to go the TWA way and would rather stick with the locs because there is no other way around it but that's why i'm here right? ;)

The method of taking out your dreadlocks is COMBING IT OUT  just the sound of that makes it feel so painful but there is a method to it.

What you need
- Sewing Needle and Knitting Needle
- Shampoo
- Conditioner (Tons of it)/ Detangler
- Warm Water
- Towel
- Comb
- Painkiller (Optional)
- Disposable bag
- One person to help


- Shampoo your hair to remove any product build up. You would want to take your time with this and wash the hair thoroughly.
- Soak your hair in warm water for a while. You need the hair as saturated as possible.
- Take the strand you would be working with and rub conditioner/detangler on it generously. Let it sit for about 1- 2 Mins
- Use the sewing needle to pick the ends gradually (You have to be careful not to poke yourself) then continue with the knitting needle.
- Comb as you go along till you are done with that strand then continue with the rest.


- You will lose alot of hair because most of what makes the length and volume of the locs are shed hair over the period of time you've had it. Don't be alarmed by the amount of hair you lose which is what the disposable bag is for.
- You need atleast one person to help you out with the process as you can see that it is a long process and the more people the faster the process can be.
- You might need painkillers because of the tugging most especially when it's closer to the scalp. Keyword is "Might" as the conditioner/detangler is to help soften the hair.
- The process can be tedious and time consuming but it's the price to pay if you don't want to cut your hair at all.

What is your take on this method? Will you be willing to take this route if you want to get rid of your dreadlocks?


  1. If I were On dread locks, no I wouldn't be willing to take this route. I feel the pain already just imagining the process.

  2. Hian. Abeg o. Too much work. I wee jus chop it off and rock twa abeg.


  3. This was a wonderful tutorial. I have a curlfriend that did exactly this with her daughter and the hair is thriving well.

    1. I watched a video too. She lost a bit of hair but her hair is thriving too.

  4. This method is very very stressful. I wanted to opt for it 7 years ago, but the loctician didn't want to take that route.


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