Finding the Right Comb for Your Child's Natural Hair

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Most of the time, I finger comb my children's natural hair. However, there are times when I need to bring out the BIG GUNS. When that happens, finding the right tool for the job will safe you from breakage.

Here are the combs and brushes I have and their purposes:

Detangling Combs

I use these wide tooth combs to detangle my hair when wet/damp. You can get these combs even wider. This is the number one "must have" combs for everyone.

When using this comb, you should always gently comb your hair in sections. Also always start from the ends of the hair never the root.

Styling Combs

There are two rat-tail combs that I have.  One has a plastic tail, while the other has a metal tail.  I like using the metal tail when I do cornrows or twists that require neat lines. To see how I use these combs, click HERE.

I avoid using the teeth section of this comb.  I find that it breaks the hair if I do that.

Pick Comb

The pick comb can be used when picking the hair for an afro style or to lift up the root of the hair to create a fuller look. If you don't want to use this comb, another option is to use your fingers.  That works well.

Edge-smoothen brush

This soft boar bristle brush is only used to smoothen and brush edges for a neater look.  I love the softness of it and that it does not break the hair along the edges.  The brush works really well when used on damp hair.

Most of the time, I usually just mist my girls' edges with water, and occasionally apply some gel, tie down with a scarf, and the edges look all neat.

Denman brush

When I buy the Denman brush, there are a couple of things to take note of...
  • If you want better grip, get a brush with more rows of bristles. The D4 has 9 rows, which most people like using. It is ideal for thicker and longer hair.
  • Not all brushes are created the same. Visit the Denman website to get all the information on the different types of brushes.
What combs do you like using and which ones will you NEVER use on your kids?

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  1. ALWAYS use a wide toothed comb! That's it when dealing with children. As you said, begin from the ends, not the roots of the hair but, always grip the hair in between the root and end which you're detangling. This stops the tangles from pulling, which causes pain, sometimes disproportionately so.


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