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Hi Naturalistas
It is time to confess my sins :) 

1. I do not know them hair jargons and I just cannot be bothered. Ok I try not to be, but sometimes I stumble on one and I start finding the means to 'crack the codes'

2. I am not good with satin/silk scarfs. I never wake up to find my scarves the way I put them on my head prior to sleeping.  If those were the only options, I would suck. Thank God for silk pillow cases and bonnets. *Good naturalista position redeemed* :) 

3. I am the opposite of what you'd call a product junkie. Actually, maybe not exactly anymore because I started having to use them more, not just for myself but for others. Before now, my regimen consisted of a shampoo/conditioner, olive oil and on rare occasions, eggs. 

4. I allowed a hair stylist to test her GHD on my natural hair. She said the tool was too good and did not even require any heat protectant. Best believe we used none and she needed to test it on very high heat. What was I thinking? I never use heat. 
She went in just one time and my hair was bone straight. I virtually felt my hair smell like it was burning. My brain booted back. I jerked up and ran home. Well, long story short, that part of my hair never reverted and I had to trim that part out. After lots of efforts with trying to cover it up with the rest of my hair, I had to trim my entire hair, just enough to conceal the part that was considerably shorter than the rest. That part is still shorter tho, but it's hardly noticeable now. It is only conspicuous after a wash and with some particular hairstyles. 

5. I am addicted to color Mehn
I know I should not color too frequently but when I look in the mirror and that color is not popping, we go in ...*shrugs*

The confessions just began
Watch video for more confessions

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl


  1. Lool. Don't worry, the short coloured hair suits you well. I guess that's a good compensation.

    1. Thanks
      Will just stick to this compensation until the real deal comes

  2. Don't be deceived o, all these doesn't put you in a Good naturalista position >_>

    1. Lol you'll get there
      just keep working hard :P

  3. Sorry about the heat damage o! About the scarves, short of sewing them onto the fro, there has to be a way to make it stay put!

  4. Satin scarf satin schmarf!!! I just stick to pillowcases and use the scarf when I'm in a good mood to get the wrapping that keeps it on!!!


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