African Naturalistas goes to Ghana

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I am happy to share this good news. If you know where we started from, you will be excited for us too. African Naturalistas will be in Ghana from July 4 till July 7, 2014.

Our main purpose for the trip is to attend the Ghanain Natural Hair meet up, which is the Afrotastic 2014 event. You can find out more about the event here. From everything I have gathered, the event will be fun.

And how does this concern you, in relation to African Naturalistas? Well, if I had a penny for how many times I have gotten emails from Ghana, requesting for our products, I would be a millionaire... okay, maybe a thousandnaire.

Therefore, if you are in Ghana, in order to avoid the rush, as we wouldn't be able to take too many products, this is the opportunity for you to start preordering your African Naturalistas products, by placing your order here. For it to count as a preorder, you would have to pay through western union before the event.

Also, African Naturalistas products will be sold at the Afrotastic 2014 event. So if you are not able to preorder, get your long-awaited African Naturalistas products there, if it has not yet been sold out.

We will also be signing up affiliate resellers. So for all my Ghanaian people sending in affiliate requests, this is the time to lock it down. You can find out more about our affiliate program here.

Any Ghanaian excited now? If you are not in Ghana, tell your Ghanaian friends and acquaintances about it. Just help us to spread the word, and let's all make this trip a success. You are free to direct all further enquiries to

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