Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 56

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I am giving myself thumbs up on a job well done. I was twisting my hair up, hoping to achieve lovely medium-length twists, when I suddenly ran out of a twist pudding. I could have sworn I had extra somewhere in my product stash. I looked everywhere, all to no avail, before I remembered I was in my sister’s house, and I didn’t bring it along, with all my other hair products.

The thing is, I had already twisted some parts of my hair, without knowing the products won’t be enough. I felt at loss, as to what to do. I honestly did not want to undo all I had just done, and I had nothing to scarf it up.

I was really confused for a couple of minutes, when a light bulb flashed in my head. I began to section different parts of my hair, and roll them into bantu knots. So what I had was the middle left section of my hair in medium to big twist, while the rest up in knots.

I looked at the mirror, and didn’t even need anyone to tell me that I looked fly. I was so proud of myself, knowing I came up with the style myself, and didn’t have to watch any youtube videos for inspiration. In fact, maybe I should become a natural youtuber myself, lol. That would be the day.

I walked into the office with my shoulders high, all smiles and grins. I sat at my desk, ready to take a selfie, and send it to Dimeji to congratulate me.

Madam Adams walked in, and sat down. I greeted her lightly, and she looked at me intently before saying “Anna, what is this robo robo on your hair. Abi, is it ajankolokolo…”

I just sank in my seat, as all my sense of feeling fly just flew out, and I sighed.

Talk about a deflated ego. After now, they will say I should try to be nice to her.

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  1. Lol, we all have those days.

  2. ahahaha lol, that image suit the situation perfectly loool

  3. Hahahah. I had my mirror tell me same thing once. Feeling so fly and made sure I passed by every place to get my hair noticed. I got home to model in front my mirror and the image I saw had me totally upset. My hair was like boy alinco's on a very very ....did I mention very?very bad day.


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