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Hey people,

On June 8th, I attended Naija Hair Can Grow's Salon Day Out event. It was jam-packed with people interested in healthy hair care (relaxed, loc'd, natural, transitioning, etc) and also beauty and health. There were quite a number of vendors and people who gave presentations or demos on their products. This was where I was used in the Rhassoul Clay demonstration with Kemi Lewis. I just thought to share some pictures from the event, and if you've never attended a hair meetup, this might inspire you to try one soon. There's Naturals in the City and also Locs Appreciation Day tomorrow in Lagos. I plan on attending both, and with my handy dandy camera! Atilola will also be on ground at both, selling the wonderful African Naturalistas hair products, so come with your cash!


Stella's Addiction

Stella's Addiction - Eyebrow Threading Demo

She looks like Ego Boyo (Nigerian actress to me)

Vendor stand

Ifeyinwa of Shop Ajali and Love, Ifeyinwa blog

Kinky Apothecary stand

Guest who graciously taught us how to make the bow!

Nazuri Curls stand

Shop Ajali products

Guest with hawt earrings

Dabs (Naija Hair Can Grow) about to do a moisturizing treatment


I spy African Naturalistas product for the moisturizing treatment!!!

Ifeyinwa also co-owns Nazuri Curls, and they make U-part wigs

Ifeyinwa shows how to blend your hair with the wig

Lovely guest

Guest with nice earrings that matched her top. She made the earrings

U-part wigs from Rehairducation

Volunteer with a wavy wig from Rehairducation

Volunteer with a straight wig

Oooooh, her hair is LOVERLY!!!!

MyMakeUpNG about to demonstrate air brush makeup

Yours truly getting Rhassoul'd by Kemi Lewis

Cookie Skin

This volunteer has natural hair and opted to try out the Texture Manageability System, which claims that natural hair can be straight for 4 to 6 weeks, and reversed back to the natural texture afterwards.

I didn't get a picture of the straight hair, so I'll borrow a pic from Naija Hair Can Grow

Straight natural hair - Source
Straight natural hair - Source

I'll write about Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System next week. I feel a little weird about the prospect and I'd like to read what other people think.

Have a nice weekend!
Berry Dakara.


  1. Did I just see palm oil on the AN stand!

    1. LOL. AN was not present at the event, as a vendor. Berry was the one who represented us.

    2. I don fear o, twas d moisturising treatment table with an AN product. But I still see somthing like palm oil sha isit?

    3. Okay. Now I see it. It is Dabs stand. She is fond of the palm oil DC.

    4. Lol. AN wasn't there with a stand. But Dabs (NHCG) mixed our glycerine, and palm oil with other ingredients for the moisturizing DC treatment.

  2. It was a fun day indeed...lots to see & learn, products to buy and best of all, people to meet. It was a pleasure to meet you Berry at the salon day out event and again today at NITC. I strongly recommend aattending meetups like these for inspiration if nothing else...More grease ladies! Keep up the good work.


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