Must haves for Natural Hair


 Have you ever wondered what are the most important things or necessary things that you must have even if you can't afford all the products that you 'think' you need for your natural hair to be soft, grow and be like the ones you see on YouTube?

Well, I have, and trying to cut your coat according to your cloth is important, so the following should be in your hair wardrobe

1. Olive oil: I don't need to start rambling again about the beauty and wonder of this amazing oil. Even if you're confused about what and what to get, this should be on your top list, and should never be found wanting or else, you'll live to tell the story.

2. Castor oil: you should have this mixed with Olive Oil in a 3:1 ratio as this helps to stimulate hair growth. and it doesn't cost much either.
Please note that the method of processing is important as this serves as an important guideline as to what will work well for your hair. This also applies for Olive oil too. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is usually preferred, and it should be cold pressed. That way, you're sure your oil has not passed through heat, and some damages have not been done or in a chemistry language, some important bonds have not been broken.

3. Honey: This is cheap, and you can find this in a store, be it home or abroad, just like a naturalista stated, she uses it as a Deep conditioning treatment(DC).

4. Jojoba oil: We all know the wonder of this oil and its wonder in our hair as it mimics or rather produces the same oil our skin produces.
P.S: The advantages of having all these oils once again includes the fact that you could do a hot oil scalp treatment and cover with satin bonnet. You could also sleep on a satin pillow case if you can afford that.

5. Satin bonnet/scarf; Now this is the aha! moment. This is also a MUST have as you need to cover your hair every night before going to bed. most especially since you would have sprayed it with oil and water. You tend to rock styles everyday, and you need to keep your twists intact. Even if you don;t have twists on, you don't want your hair drying out on a rough pillow or staining the whole bed due to the oil residue in your hair.

6. Water: cheap and easy. A must. In fact, this should be on your dressing table, your centre table. or your dinning table to remind you that you need to sprinkle your hair with water.

7. A good shampoo and a good conditioner: Well, this isn't a must have but at home, you could use Dudu Osun while abroad or even at home still, you could get a shampoo without sulfate and Herbal essence conditioner. It has so many labels eg for color treated hair, for volume, for dry hair, for breaking hair etc, so you can choose the one you want out of all.
This shouldn't be more than N1500 depending on where you get it anyway

8. Coconut oil: I don't have this though, but its not that expensive either. In fact, the tutorial for the whole coconut oil making process is available here

9. Teabag: This can be any tea bag, and I mean any, including lipton or toptea. Green tea isn't a bad thought either.

10. Styling product e.g Cantu Shea butter pomade for hair dressing: When you don't know what style to do to your hair after washing and you need to get a good twist done for the main time which doesn't require any hair gel including ecostyler gel, you can use Cantu Shea butter pomade as it helps to make and keep twists, adds shine and is soooo light on hair. You will have no problem at all, and when you want to have that dreadlocks kind of look, you can get it using this butter. I've tried it before. All you need to do is leave your twists longer than one week before twisting out. That's if you wanna twist out though.

So, with all of the above, I can say I've mentioned things that you can obtain easily without much stress.
thinking of combs and other styling products for natural hair? Watch out for this space!!!


  1. Thank you. Will definitely get ALL this week.

  2. Is Cantu shea butter widely available in the market, please?

    1. yes can get it in Casabella located in shoprite at surulere, ikeja mall or lekki palms..i know casabella stocks cantu well

  3. can i get cantu shear butter from Nigeria though? i kinda doubt it.. bt wld be glad if it were available

    1. yes you can. In casabella stores located in Nigeria..just like i explained to uche above

  4. can i get ur products here in Abuja?

    1. You can get our products anywhere in Nigeria. Please, click here to make your order, and we'll deliver to your doorstep.


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