How Olive Oil helps your natural hair

I've always had dry hair, and no matter how much I try to moisturise,
the hair just never retains the moisture, I've always heard of olive
oil and how its really good for your hair and skin, so I decided to
try it out.

The first deep conditioning i did this year was the one using Olive oil.


1. Pour a small amount of the oil in a small bowl
2. Heat it a little, not-too-hot-to-touch temperature
3. Section you hair and apply from the root
4. Even it out to the rest of the hair
5. Cover with a shower cap or plastic bag for not less than 45 mins
for effective results. (You can do this at night or during the
6. Remove and wash with your shampoo and conditioner

My Hair Observations

1. I didn't have to put so much oil on my hair during the week
2. Hair was very soft
3. Hair felt good
4. Easier to comb and
5. There was Shine

I know some people add honey to their own olive oil treatment and if
it works for you, you can add it if you want, plus the results may
differ due to factors like hair type, texture etc. but here are the
benefits of Olive Oil to the hair.

1. Helps with frizzle control
2. Less Dandruff
3. Gives more shine
4. Extra softens the hair
5. More Moisture
6. The overall health of your scalp
7. It can prevent and cure hair loss

This is a deep conditioning treatment I would recommend and one that
is not leaving my treatment list any time soon!


  1. Wow...nice,must try it.can I share please?

    1. Yeah, you should. Yes, please! share away!

  2. Must it be washed off always?

    1. Its a pre-poo (Deep condition before you shampoo) so, Yeah you have to wash it off. except you want to just use the oil after washing to oil the hair, then you wont use the same quantity, if you get what i mean.

  3. I haven't tried this. Will look for it.

  4. plan on doing the olive oil and honey combo on my nxt hair wash. use to try this method when my hair was shorter and it really works, don't know why i stopped. thanks for the info


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