Do Naturals discriminate?

Hey ladies,

I've been natural since late 2006. I came this route because my relaxed hair was grossly unhealthy - through no fault of hers. I just wasn't interested in taking care of it properly. I figured going natural would make me take more responsibility for caring for my hair, and I would have healthier hair. More times than not, I've done an okay job. But there's something that bugs me when I meet up with a lot of fro-haired gals.

There's this condescending attitude that seems to go along with natural hair. All of a sudden, a lot of naturals decide that ALL relaxed hair is unhealthy. We refer to relaxers as 'Creamy Crack.' *this actually makes me cringe* We seem to make a complete 180-degree turn and pretend we never ever had relaxed hair in our lives. We pretend we never wore weaves in our head. We behave as if we're better than our straight-hair counterparts. We try to convince every woman we meet that they're only relaxing their hair due to an apparent inferiority complex. That they aren't embracing their God-given hair.

The same way we get upset when people make negative comments about our hair and the way we've chosen to wear it, is the same way any relaxed gal would feel if anyone put her down for her choice. It is a CHOICE! And nobody should be made to feel bad. Fine, you want to give her advice... educate yourself on gentler products for relaxed hair and spread the word. Find out the better products for weaves and let your sister know. It is JUST HAIR!

Read up on the following post from a Relaxed Gal: Don't Call My Relaxer Creamy Crack

Let's love each other, regardless of the state of our hair :)



  1. Truth be told!! very nice piece

  2. How do you naturalistas brush your hair? Doesn't it hurt?

    1. With brushes (paddle or denman preferred). Nope, it doesn't hurt if you've detangled and sprayed water/oil on it.


  3. Thank you for this :)


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