Friday, 27 January 2017

Natural Hair Bun - Different Ways!

I'm all about the LOW natural hair bun these days. I had been thinking about putting my hair in that style for a while, and after I saw Michelle Obama's low bun at the recent Presidential Inauguration, I knew that I was definitely doing mine. I've posted a video and tutorial here on how I achieve a natural hair bun, so you can check it out if you want to do the same.

Anyways, one thing I like about bunning your hair is that you can put the bun in different positions.

From a Mega High Top Bun...
Source - Rehairducation
To a Regular Bun like this...

To a Low Bun like this...
Source - Whitney Madueke on Bella Naija
Source - The Chameleon Blogger
Or a Side Bun like this...

I like that buns are so versatile, and are instantly classic and chic. What style of bun is your favorite?


  1. Low buns are so simple to achieve, but a high bun is my favorite whenever I have the time as it can look so elegant and gives you an instant face lift.

    1. High buns are really elegant, but there's just something about the low bun - it makes me feel low-key glam.

  2. The side bun is looking very pretty. The low bun is probably for me cos I wear a wig for work.


    1. Yup, the low bun allows you to wear wigs comfortably :D

  3. At the momemt, regular buns.

  4. Side bun. I just don't have the hair to do it. Lol

  5. These styles are so beautiful. I love the side bun

  6. Buns of life. I am going to share a link to a Youtube tutorial of a bun. I tried it myself and let us just say my bun looked so big it could remind some of a gele LOOOL - By Ronke Raji

  7. I love the side buns, but it requires a lot of hair.


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