7 Natural hair styles for Tender Headed Kids

By DiscoveringNatural
Raise your hand if your child is tender headed? **raising my hand**


Now, I do not always look forward to wash day... well... until recently. Lil Sis is very tender-headed and God has blessed her with very long hair. I wish I could do intricate designs on her hair, but due to the crying when the comb touches her hair, I do not dare attempt it. Due to this, I have to come up with hairstyles that do not stress her and her hair ...and even me!

Below are some styles that have worked for us so far:


Finger coil bun
Finger coil bun
Not only is this a quick style, but it is a great protective style because all the ends are tucked away.

 Twists are easy to do without over manipulating the hair, you can also style them in different ways.

From doing twists, you can create a twistout style that could be worn for a couple of days, with proper maintenance

African Threading
I love threading Lil Sis's hair. With this style, I get a lot of stretch to her hair and also create so many styles. Now, I have heard that threading grows hair, Comment below if you believe this myth is true.

PonyTail Styles
When you think of ponytail, you think of taking the hair, tying it with a hair tie and leaving the ends loose. Yes, that is one way, but ponytail styles don't have to be boring. You can jazz it up in so many ways.

Similar to twists, this can be styled in many ways and with added hair accessories such as beads, you can beautify the style.

Roll and Tuck/Pin
This is the simplest style of all. If you don't know how to do roll and tuck, click here to learn.

What styles do you do on your Tender-headed child's hair?


  1. Beautiful beautiful. I don't have a child yet lol. About threading, that's what I heard growing up. But biologically it doesn't make sense. I guess the hair appears longer cos it's stretched after threading. Not the shrunken state of a free 'fro

    1. You are right. Threading is a protective style and since one is not constantly manipulating the hair, there is less tendency for breakage, hence retaining length.

  2. All the styles are really cute and easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Girl, that finger coils bun is about to be my new staple!

  4. I love all these styles, you're really creative with your little girls. I loved threading as a little girl

    1. Thank you so much. You know what..? I also loved getting my hair threaded as a little girl because the take down time was FAST! LOL!

  5. Lovely hair do's.
    Yes I do believe that treading makes the hair grows. I believe that the hair is well protected when threaded the way we do here in Nigeria. ( as in the hair is all covered up with the thread.) It is not exposed to the harsh weather and requires low manipulation.

  6. Can you please give instructions on how to thread and what is used to thread? Its my first time seeing this wow

    1. For threading you can use either normal threads or plastic. I prefer the normal - weave thread type, the one I get from Nigeria. Let me share a video from Girls Love Your Curls channel that can help you.


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