Big and Small Criss Cross Cornrows For Kids

Big and Small Criss Cross Cornrows For Kids | African Naturalistas
By DiscoveringNatural
In this video,  I show how to do Big and small cornrows and how to do criss cross cornrows on kids natural hair. Hairstyles for natural hair kids can be easy natural hair styles that can act as protective hairstyles without the need for extension on kids hair.

To do this style, you need to first detangle the natural hair after you have moisturized the hair. Use a rat tail comb to separate the hair into sections.

-First section the hair into three parts going vertically. Ear to Ear
-Next, the front section, divide it into 3 sections. Make sure the middle section is bigger.
-Cornrow the middle section as shown in the video.
For the other two, do a slanted cornrow design on the edges and connect with the remaining of the hair in that section. This will create a big cornrow pattern.

Next, it is time to work on the section of hair along the nape (kitchen) area of the head.
Create a criss cross pattern and connect as shown in the video, that with the middle part. Note: The middle part has been divided into 4 parts.
Repeat till done.
Then create a pony tail or bun by gathering all the hair together.

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What is your favorite style to do for your kids?

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