Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hair inspiration: Aevin Dugas, The lady with the world's biggest afro

Hi Naturalistas
What would you do if your hair took you 2 full days to dry and 5 bottles of conditioner during each wash? Would you cut it?  Would you keep growing it? Would you still rock it Afro style?

Aevin Dugas, the lady holding the record for the world's largest afro hair has been growing her natural tresses for the past 14 years. According to the Guinness book of records, the hair is 4ft, 4 inches around. It blocks her way when she is driving and reaches her butts when it is completely straightened. Sometimes, it even gets trapped in trees, car doors and people's earrings.

Since the last update in the Guinness book of records last year, Aevin has continued with growing her hair and revealed in a recent interview that the hair has grown since then.

Obviously, she takes delight in keeping her hair and has learnt to embrace the struggles. According to her, "the positives outweigh the negatives". She has been able to inspire a lot of people to embrace natural hair and has a lot of fans to that effect.

She is definitely a great inspiration, even though I'm not sure I would like to deal with all that hair, but it sure feels good to know that African hair can grow as long and full as that, if it is well cared for.

What do you think about her hair?
Did she inspire you to grow your hair all the way?

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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  1. Oh boy. I just wouldn't be able to handle it. It's too much.

  2. I don't think I will cut my hair, but I definitely won't go out in afros. Afro is just too high maintenance for me.

    1. You have a point. Like pompadour, right? But the washing part? On second thoughts, no :)

  3. Omg! watttt! I would definitely chop it, high maintenance.

    1. Hahaha I know right
      I would definitely trim it

  4. naa i want my hair to grow but this is too much...i wont be able to handle it... no body got time for that :)

    1. "Nobody got time for that" LOL
      I feel like she's just doing it for the recognition, otherwise, that is a lot of hair problems to deal with

  5. we all want our hair to go down to our butt. truth is, if you have type 4 hair, it will be this BIG!
    i wonder how long it takes her to do the blow out and maintain it all week! I wouldn't mind my hair being that long, but I WON'T wear it in an Afro.

  6. Imagine the detangling sessions!

  7. Wow!
    It's beautiful but this is the exact reason I trim my "hedges" whenever it overgrows. There's no escaping the time it will take to detangle, wash and style or the amount of products you'll have to use.
    I agree with her style being high maintenance because it (the afro) gives it more opportunities to tangle and get dirty pretty fast which washing in twists won't completely get rid off.

  8. OMG.. I would loooooove to hv a long hair but wearing it as an Afro, oh NO. Dis is just too much.


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