Every Black person has Afro-Textured Natural Hair: Agree or Disagree?

Whether you wear your hair chemically, heat or mechanically (roller-set) straightened, in braids, weaves, twists outs, twists, or in an afro, the truth is YOU have Black (Afro) hair.

What is my point here?
We need to quit being an hypocrite by attacking other women who choose to wear their hair in it's afro-textured form, because the reality is, under all that weave, braids and relaxed hair lies our Afro hair. So stop asking a coily/curly girl when she's getting her hair done or why she doesn't have a relaxer. And please don't stress yourself too much as to whether she will find a man or a good job. 

Self-degrading songs like "Nappy headed hoes" shouldn't even have made it out of Nicki Minaj's studio, because her team should have sat her down to let her know that SHE too is a Nappy headed hoe under all those weaves!
And what's the deal with BLACK men who says they prefer women with straight hair? This is not only hypocritical, but also pure rubbish. It's like having a Black man say that he prefers a Black woman with a Caucasian skin color (unless she happens to be mixed obviously).
What makes this idiotic preference more appalling is that other women try to make excuses for them by saying that these men only prefer straight hair because that is what they grew up used to as that is what they see everywhere. Excuse me, unless those men have always had their hair relaxed since the day they were born, which is unlikely; chances are they GREW UP with the same Afro hair on their OWN head. Meaning that they actually grew up used to Afro hair, NOT straight hair.
What baffles me is that there are women out there who cares so much about these men's warped view that they would wear uncomfortable and even damaging straight weaves to cover up their afro hair or refuse to stop putting a relaxer on their already damaged hair because they want to "attract" a man. But "hey, did you know there are actually a handful of men out there who prefer women with Natural hair?

 So, instead of putting yourself through unnecessary inconvenience, learn to embrace your natural hair and know that the right man and/or opportunity will eventually be attracted to your REAL self. Now, this isn't an attack on relaxed or weaved girls, it's only an advice for women who aren't comfortable wearing their hair out because of what others around them thinks. I wear weaves from time to time as a way to give my hair a break.

And if your man starts fussing because he isn't comfortable with your new roots or "nappy" hair, then he needs to get a reality check! I apologize for sounding blunt, but enough is enough! We have no reason to hate on our own natural features.
And parents, please stop criticizing your daughter's Afro hair by telling her she won't find a husband or a good job with her hair "looking like that".  Instead, learn to embrace the beautiful genetic feature she inherited from you!

 Take home point: Stop hating on BLACK hair, especially if you are Black, unless you happen to have the Micheal Jackson Syndrome.

Thank You

The Mane Captain


  1. I agree. Every black woman has afro textured hair and even if it's naturally straight, the shape of the hair strands (flat) is different from that of a straight haired Caucasian (rounder).

    I don't believe men aren't attracted to natural hair. In fact when my hair is out and about (and I got my style right and feeling extra confident), I get male attention more often....more points for me when they find out it's real and mine.

    The problem is natural hair is seen as an "in between" hair just before the 'real styling' (braids,weaves etc) and so is perceived as undone.
    Even when your hair is relaxed and you want to wear it out without weaves and all, you'd still get the 'when will you do your hair' question.
    For men, their natural hair is seen as "done".

    I think when a woman's natural hair is accepted the same way as a man's natural hair, natural hair will be seen as one of those styling choices a woman makes and therefore "done" hair.



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