I did not Texturize,its just good use of Natural Hair Products!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! As you go along your Natural Hair Journey, You will find that you will really come to get to know your hair and know what it does and does not like. Your knowledge in relation to products that work well with your hair will increase, and that will result in your hair looking increasingly better. This sadly can lead to some people doubting the 'Naturalness' of your hair-If that is even a word! I encountered this recently as I will tell you in this video.....


  1. Of course....I agree with you.

  2. Yeah it happens. But i'm glad you are on the team to represent the looser curled hair type which other ladies can also identify with. We tend to forget that African natural hair is not just in the type 4 spectrum- it also covers types 3 and 2. So thank you for representing a mostly forgotten / sidelined type in the african hair community Irene!

  3. Replies
    1. Hahahahahahahaha. ....Please don't eat it o


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