Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 153

I honestly don’t know what to say. I’m bored, sick and tired of living in Nigeria, and sick and tired of the way I feel in its entirety.

Why must I have to work and earn money sef? Can’t I just wake up every day, eat, have fun and sleep? Who created work? After all, I can just get seeds, and plant them to grow the food I will eat.

I’m tired of life, tired of love and relationships tired of the economy, tired of everyone including their mama, telling me that the cost of things have doubled just because of the rise in dollar.

I mean, am I the one who increased the dollar? Why should I be the one to suffer?

I walked into a salon to do one style I considered exotic, only for everything to be priced at N7,000.00.

For what??? When it’s not braids or faux locs? Even those ones shouldn’t be that expensive. I’m not adding attachment o. Just my hair, and they are calling price for me.

Anyway, I let the stylist know my mind, and that I had budgeted N1500 for it. Where am I supposed to get over 300% increase?

Next thing she said was “aunty, it’s dollar o. everything is costly now. The products, fuel, all the materials we will use for you?”

Jack Tripper
“What material, madam? Or are you pricing the hair on my head too? Even if dollar is expensive, its not two times more.”

“Aunty, it’s not me o. It’s me madam. Sorry ma”

I can’t lie, I was pained. I was really eyeing that style. I just eyed her, and walked out of the salon. She didn’t even try to follow me to be, and negotiate.

Now, I’m just tired of everything. I know things are getting bad for people because of the financial crisis. But all I want was to just make my hair in peace.


  1. Awwww i really feel you...sometimes everything can seem so frustrating and annoying. But you know what? You can handle anything that comes your way, however and whenever. How can the salon and the hairstyle sef be doing u shakara? Even if its the best hairstyle ever😊.

  2. Finallyyy! Somebody who understands. People call me petty for these frustrations. And who was she calling Auntie? And who gave whoever created money the right to create money?! what if i was going to be happy just ploughing the fields and fishing for my own food. An all this photosynthesis around me is getting on my nerves! Its winter! Turn brown and fall off the tree already!

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni |

    1. Lol. Please take it easy o. Don't let the weather affect you.

  3. Lol.My darling hairstylist asked me how long I'd carry my hair, I told her 6 weeks- a style that could only last for 2-3 weeks. LOL. I push the lenght of days a Protective styling stays on my head. Please, Dollar did not rise fo' that.

  4. Everything dollar....nawa o

  5. What if you take your own products there?

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. The difference won't be that much. Everything is now expensive.


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