My First Bentonite Clay Hair Mask

Hey Naturalistas,
How has the week been?

 I had my first bentonite clay mask couple of weeks ago and this was how it went down.

What I I used:
Bentonite Clay
Aloe vera gel
Apple cider vinegar
Peppermint oil

1.    I put 3 tablespoons of bentonite clay into a bowl
2.    Added 4 table spoons of Apple cider (You should see how the clay reacted to the vinegar) and mixed thoroughly
3.    The, I added an ample amount of aloe vera gel and few drops of peppermint oil
4.    Because I wasn’t satisfied with the consistency of the mix, I added about 50ml of water to it
5.    I sectioned my hair and applied the clay
6.    I left it to stay for 15mins before wash and a conditioning treatment.

My curls were defined and my hair didn’t tangle. The clay didn't rinse off quickly from my hair. Guess I left it on for too long. However, it was easy for me to wash and condition afterwards.

Couple of days after the mask, I tried a wash and go. This was how it turned out.

I would be sharing a post on how I was able to achieve it in the coming week.

So have you ever tried a bentonite clay mask? How did it turn out?
Leave a comment below

Enjoy the rest of the week


  1. Woow...your curls are really popping

  2. I just restocked my clay. It does wonders for 4c hair

    1. So I have heard....still haven't tried it yet.

  3. For your kind of hair, I must say your wash n go came out good.

  4. I recently did a bentonite/amla hair clay was wonderful.


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