Natural Hair 101: The Spouse's guide

Hello Naturalistas,

All I want you to do this week is just copy this link and forward to your significant other, Have you even taught to educate them? Well... That is why I am here.

Naturalistas that are not single tend to think about their partner before they take major hair decisions e.g BC, Hair Colour or the decision to even go natural in the First place. Your man may not like your natural hair, But this is for the men that are willing and do not have a heads up on what they are getting into. So, Please go ahead. Show him!

Hello Spouse, This is NOT to discourage but to EDUCATE you about what you should expect during your partner's natural hair journey. I cannot promise that I am serious about everything I will be mentioning but trust me, there is Truth!

...And the list goes on...

Help her look for her satin bonnet; If you're not the one that hid it, help her look for it. Yes, I know it looks like something your granny will wear but its a matter of hair security. And if she's not wearing it, ask her about it. Unlike the bobby pins, don't bother. Those ones develop legs and disappear. \

Be Supportive; search for links online and send to her, see one hairstyle you love, ask her to try it. Give compliments. And she doesn't have to ask.  Just be her Idris elba!  Simple
What else could a naturalista ask for in a man?
DO NOT TASTE EVERY MIXTURE IN THE KITCHEN; Ask Demeji, You really don't want an angry wife/girlfriend. If she doesn't tell you its for consumption, Its for her hair. Don't bother she's spending so much time mixing, trust me you will feel the softness ;) Its worth it!

 She will start complaining about the protective style 2 days later; Don't mind her... but don't let her know. I REPEAT DO NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD!! Just encourage her
Its 2 days, best believe
ADA ADA in the morning, Caro at Night; .... And she will look the part too... Brace yourself!

 "No, Your hair is longer baby";  

For every length check, say this to her, repeat after me "No, your hair is longer baby. I see it" 

so, men, tell us the things you've had to find out about your wife/girlfriends natural hair and ladies, is there anything you would like to add about your ''habits'' and good hair behaviours? Lets know


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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