Natural Hair Style - Flat Twists

Hi ladies!

One of the most beautiful natural hairstyles after the twist out(in my opinion) is the flat twists. It's so classy, chic and effortless but I hear it's a tad difficult to do. I've only been able to admire it from afar and haven't really attempted it. But I'm hoping that will change soon.

Anyways, take a look and feed your eyes maybe.

So, has anyone tried it before?

If so, which are your faves?

Love, kinks and knots


  1. I've so far only admired it. I should try it soon. With help from you tube!!!!

  2. I'm currently wearing my hair in flat twists! At the front and middle only, and two strand twists in the back. It's a difficult style, I have yet to master it myself. But the twisted-out look from it is my favourite :) Will be trying braid outs next.

  3. It's suuuper easy to do. I can't cornrow no matter how many videos I watched but I watched 1 video on flat twists and was able to do it. Just search youtube.

  4. They look absolutely beautiful.
    Maybe it is because we are use to the 3strand weaving that is why making flat twist is a tad difficult.

  5. When doing it on your hair, I think it is easier to do on hair stretched with heat. I learnt it, using my training head, it was easy, but when I tried it on my hair, trying to work through the kinks and curls was a big deal. I think I lost more hair that way. But, I am not so good with my hands, so maybe my experience doesn't count.

  6. I dunno how to cornrow but I can flat twist well. It's so easy!

  7. i have tried it several times. love the 4th and 6th pic


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