Natural Hair Care Assistance to every New Naturalista

Hello Naturalistas,

Due to the question I got this past weekend by a new naturalista that wanted to do a BC and was practically 'Stressed out' by lack of information, hence her reaching out to me. This is a topic that we've talked about on the website and I know that there is so much to shuffle through, So I want to do you a huge Favour by bringing all the necessary Information you need. Just click on the link that is applicable to your hair Journey and Viola :)

Yes, I'm friendly like that.

My First question is Do you think you have what it takes to go Natural? I know you have no clue thats why you are here, right? duh! But Which way? BC? (Thats Big chop) or Transition? Here are things you need to know before you want to BC and Transitioning from Relaxed hair? Trust me you want to click that.

Yes, With your TWA.. I see you. You can drop your hands now. Heres what to expect at that stage  After all my pointers and you are still clueless? Please don't beat yourself up over it, help yourself here.

I see all the old mama Naturalistas getting jealous, I am not sorry but Just manage this one -__- *Runs away* Okay, back to my newbies another worry is products, products, PRODUCTS!! Don't corry I got you covered  but please do not become a Junkie and how to manage your hair now that you are natural? Covered too.

You also need some accessories to help on this Journey. With this few pointers of mine I hope I have saved you the stress of going through the whole of the website to bring you the juicy information you need. Enjoy your hair journey and don't forget to Love your hair.

Still confused? Simply click the Natural Hair FAQs tab at the top of the page to get your questions answered.

Your friendly neighbourhood Naturalista


P.S: Click on the link that is applicable to what you need and visit our product store to order for the products you need. We have all the newbie needs to start the journey *winks*


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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