How To Style Your Box Braids.

Hi ladies!

You would agree with me that box braids/poetic justice braids are one if not the most common protective styling in the black hair community as a whole. Personally, I love it because of it's versatility and longevity. If maintained properly it can serve as an excellent protective styling to help retain length and can be worn for a long time  while.
    Anyways today I'm gonna be sharing different ways you could style your box braids instead of the monotonous ponytails.


Alright ladies

Which ones are your favorite?

Don't forget to try them out next time you install box braids.

Till next time.
Love,knots and kinks


  1. Am so tempted to do box braids.
    This was very much needed by me.
    I almost alway carry my braids in a pony tail.
    Thumbs up.

  2. Wow, very versatile. This would have served me well in the days I used to braid my hair.

    Anyone that chooses to do these versatile styles should be careful not to do it every single day, in order not to stress the edges.

    1. They truly are! As in! These braids if not cared for can just snatch ones edges!!!!

  3. I've taken screenshot after screenshot. Beautiful. Some I'll even try on my own hair


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