Natural hair-No Shortcuts!

 Happy Tuesday Ladies! When taking care of our natural hair, its very easy to look for a 'Quick Fix' when we run out of our tried and trusted regular hair care items. I learnt the hard way, not to fall into this trap! I hope you enjoy the video! Bless up Ladies!


  1. Sorry about your experience, although you were not explicit about what exactly the products did to your hair.

    I remember when I used to relax my hair. There was a period in school that I was so broke, I couldn't afford my regular dark and lovely kit, and I allowed the stylist to convince me to buy N100 ozone relaxer. Let's just say my hair became limper than a decayed aloe vera plant.

  2. Thaks Sis!My hair just felt stripped,dry and crinkly and i looked like a wet cat.I think it went into a mini shock.I've heard a few people say this product worked for them but they scared me straight.No more experimenting with miscellenous products for me!Will stick to Oils if i run short.Dont get me started on my relaxer days!I was beyond help!I basically used to go to the Salon for a retouch and whatever they had that day,I would use lol!My poor poor hair!


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