Things you should do before locking your Natural hair

Hello Naturalistas,

Today I would be bring things you should do before deciding to go the dread lock route. Two weeks ago, in a very spontaneous moment, I looked for a salon in Ile-Ife to lock my hair, In my mind, I was feeling very cool.
After over 24 hours search, I found somewhere to do the hair. 

Locking took about 4 hours and I was happy about it. BUT, after a couple of hours "rocking" my hair it hit me. I made a mistake.

Here are some of the mistakes I made that you shouldn't make (If you are thinking of locking your hair ofcourse)

RESEARCH: This cannot be overemphasised, this is the first time I would do something to my hair without finding out about it. After the first night I had no Idea what and what not to do to my hair. 

ASSUMPTION: DO NOT ASSUME. My thoughts were "How bad can it be?" "Its just dreadlocks" One week down the line I realised it wasn't 'just' dread locks 

ASK QUESTIONS: From the right people, I didn't even ask anyone. x_x Ask the internet, Ask your hairdresser, Ask mane matter, Ask African Naturalistas. Just Ask.

USE A GOOD SALON: Yes, not just any salon in Ile-ife. Make sure that the hair dresser/barber knows what he is doing.
Not this type -_-

If you do all of these, You are on the right path in your new Dread locks journey. 

Here is what happens when you don't 

I washed out the hair after a week, and I can't even try to detangle. I would have to wash 2 more times to wash off all the products that was use on the hair.

Well, you don't have to be me. I've made the mistakes so you won't (Is that not why i'm here?) *Assumes super man pose*

It was fun while it lasted and I really hope I can do something more long term soon again - This time armed with Information.

Good Luck with your new locs (See what I did there?) 


  1. Whoa! Were you trying to loc your hair permanently or temporarily? I want to try genie locs sometime this year, but waiting until I know the salon I choose will do it very well.

    For the record, any salon that has dread LUCKS as a service is a NO-GO!

    1. I wanted to loc permanently but it won't be permanent till you loc atleast 3 times. Please wait and be very sure.

      LOL. It was in my hunt for a salon I found that. I didn't go there o.

    2. Please share with us when you get your genie locs cos i saw tutorials and it wasn't difficult but would take so much time!


  2. Had a similar experience when I wanted my hair dyed wine and I became a redhead. Same ile-ife.

  3. But what exactly went wrong? Can you please, share?

    1. Exactly. I will also like to hear what really happened

    2. I started having white flakes dropping from my hair. The product had dried out and I didn't know how else to 'treat' it. I would spray with water and oil it but it didn't solve anything.

      Even after washing, twice. The white stuff hasn't stopped dropping. And I'm sure it is not dandruff. thats why I had to wash it out.

    3. Seems like they used too much product?

      I remember I tried to twist or shingle my hair in PH 2.5 years ago, and they basically poured a tub of Ecostyler Gel on my head. I went home and washed it all off because by the time it started to dry, there were white flakes all over the hair.

    4. Probably. I don't even know oh...

      Ah!!!! I see the Instagram post. I didn't go to the 'Luck' place na :( :(

    5. Aww, Berry. See, you made Tomi cry, lol.

  4. I know, I knowwwwwwwww. I didn't say you went there :p

  5. After all said n done,I reali wana loc my natural hair,any1 knows any good place it can be done in lagos???tanx in advance

    1. Call my Loctician. His name is Blessing. Tell him you are from Lola, his former customer. His number is 07069619062


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