Locally available products for Natural Hair.

Hi ladies!

Today I bring to you natural products that are locally and readily available and affordable.

1. Shea butter aka Ori | For sealing in moisture.

2.Cocoa Butter | A good sealant as well.

3. Coconut Milk | For deep  conditioning

4. Palm Kernel Oil | For Moisturizing deep conditioning treatment

5. Man Shanu(Raw cow milk fat) | For Pre-poo and deep conditioning

6. Aloe Vera | For deep conditioning or as a Leave-in conditioner

7. Lemon Grass | As a rinse

8. Neem(Dongoyaro) Leaves | As a rinse to treat dandruff and breakage.

 9. Henna(Lali) | For deep conditioning and hair dye.

10. Avocado | Also for deep conditioning

Till next time

Stay beautiful

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  1. How do i lay my hand on raw cocobutter i so need it!

  2. They are readily available products.
    How do I use the lemon grass and dongoyaro?
    What are the benefits?


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