My 2014 Natural Hairsolutions!

Hey everyone,

So last week, I mentioned that I wanted to discuss Hairsolutions aka Natural Hair Goals for 2014. New years, weeks, months, days, whatever come with a renewed sense of purpose for most people, right? For me, I haven't really had hair goals in the past. I generally would just tackle my hair on a whim basis. This year, I want to be more purposeful and methodical with my hair. For this reason, I will endeavor to

  1. Try new hair styles.
    Natural hair is sooo versatile and many creative styles can be done with it. I’ve already started on this, as I got my hair twisted in a faux-hawk style last week.


    I was hoping it would last for 3 to 4 weeks, but it doesn’t seem likely… at least I tried. I’ve never really had my own hair in twists before, so this one was a big deal. I also want to try genie locs sometime this year :)
  2. Do a Castor Oil Challenge!
    This one might prove hard to do since I can be very lazy, and the challenge requires regular application of castor oil and diligent hair care practice.
  3. Get a trim!
    I haven’t trimmed my hair in years and years. This is mostly because the last 2 times I went to a salon to trim, the stylist inadvertently gave me big chops! So I’ve steered clear of scissors. But I really think that my hair is in need of a proper trim, so I will make an appointment with my natural hair guru Omozo of O’Naturals sometime this year, to get it done.

I think those are my 3 goals for this year. The thing with goals is, if you have too many, you might get overwhelmed, so it’s perfectly fine to start off with one or two things. What are YOUR 2014 Hairsolutions? Please share.

P.S. I really would have wanted to cut my hair a little, or color it, but the mister isn't interested in even hearing about it. Maybe I'll just go home one day with a blonde TWA and shock him! :p


  1. Wow. that picture of yours is so beautiful. Serious. It would have been nice to see you in colour and short hair, so you would teach us what you did to care for your hair, but since I didn't contribute to your bride price, Its not my business.

    I think you should add a number 4 to your goals
    4. Every morning, say to yourself 'I am not lazy'. When it comes to your hair, you always say you are lazy, such that even if it were false, your mind is now conditioned to believe it.

    1. LOL @ bride price.

      And yeah, I know I need to get that Lazy mentality out of my brain. :(

  2. Lovely hawk do.
    My hair solution for 2014 is to spritz and spray my hair daily.
    Moisturise moisturise moisturise.

  3. That's a beautiful style you have on!
    To preserve a style, you can do them smaller, tie a scarf before bed, add a little extension and don't let water touch your hair only the ends and the edges when it gets dry. That's how I remember we preserved our cornrows while growing up so we only redid our hair every two weeks. My mom is very meticulous so I guess it worked out...

    About hair stuff for 2014, I hope to try out colour and do more elaborate styles...which means salon things...sigh....


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