Causes and Cure for Thinning Hair Edges

Hello Naturalistas,

Its been a while I actually wrote, Asides running the Mane matters column, which has been fun. I get to interact with all these beautiful women with natural hair before bringing them to you. Its fun, really :) Don't be jealous of me.

No, Its Not so you can see my face -__-
I put up this picture as my display picture and my sister pings me with "Your hair is receding." I was expecting her to say "You are fine today oh" or "Short hair madame." But she decided to hit me in the place that hurts the most. My Nasural HAIR. In my language, receding means going bald -___- (Don't blame me, its the drama queen in me)

I thought she was just hating and looking for company in her no-edges-corner that she has been queen for as long as I can remember. I was living in denial as I looked in the mirror, but, different people told me the same thing in the coming weeks.

Little lady picked up her spy-kit and went knowledge hunting, first stop. African Naturalistas (I don't go to Google first for Hair care :p)

I found Steps to Regrow your edges As I saw her edges gone wild, I knew there was hope. Searched further (Now Google) and Here's are more causes and Tips I found

Thinning Edges can be caused by;

1. Scalp Infection 
2. Excessive amount of stress and tension applied on the edges over a long period
3. Night Caps and Bonnet. Not wearing them, but the elastic bands are not edges friendly (See tips in the article above)
4. Make-up Application You know how you always want to blend in your foundation and power to even it out then go all into your hair? This causes make-up to build around your edges which makes it dry and brittle. Cleaning the make-up can also cause breakage.
5. For Emphasis sake, Tension on the hair.

After I saw this, My first instinct was to go hide my hair under a weave(wrong move). The stylist tightened my hair so bad I had to deal with headaches for a while, remember to talk to the stylist. I didn't and I suffered for a few days.

In my search I discovered Castor Oil (Click to read about the benefits for your hair) and Coconut Oil help in the regrowth of the edges, I stared putting it everyday under the weave and although, my edges have not gone wild yet, but its growing out and my sister noticed the difference.

Pictures? Why would I want to make you jealous of my growing edges? Just kidding. I want us to start together so we can have our victory-edges-gone-wild testimony together.


You can get Castor Oil and Coconut Oil in our on-line store here

Having troubles with your edges? Want to share?

Tomilola A.


  1. My edges have bluntly refused to grow. I massage them with castor and coconut oils, I steam, condition, and pet them, and even play music to the hair, but still no show! However, I refuse to give up on myself. Patience + persistence = Victory!

  2. Lol @playing music to it. How long have you been doing this? Is there progress at all?

  3. I got castor oil n jojoba oil from naturalistas store and believe me, they did justice to ma edges. Loving ma edges like neva b4

    1. We have a testimony *Rings bell* Happy for you girl

  4. Edge Palava! That is one thing that I battle with, using castor oil does work, but my issue to being consistent. I am going to make a concoction of castor, coconut and jojoba. Thinning edges is somewhat genetic in my family.
    Here is mine:

    1. Yay. Glad its working for you.

      Seen the video. Nice, Love your hair btw :)

  5. I've been doing it , but I'm not consistent. The music thing is just a habit on wash days. Probably doesn't have any effect, but my hair is growing on a nice, regular 1/2 inch a month schedule!

    1. You should try to be consistent so the edges will grow. :)

  6. so is it a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil. I am having same challenges with my edges also and need to know how to apply it.

    1. Nothing too fancy, Just apply it on your edges everyday and trust me, by the end of the first month you will see changes.


  7. Thinning hair is a problem in both women and men. The main cause of this problem is genetic, trauma and hormone changes which is called androgenic alopecia. I also suffered from this problem but luckily I have found the reason of this disease and took it seriously at that time and also found the solution of this problem here
    Your shared tips are best for the treatment of hair loss. I appreciate your above post

  8. For me castor oil is a bit heavy.
    The challenge would be applying it every day.

    1. Castor oil is heavy for everybody, lol. Actually, you are not supposed to apply it on your hair, without first diluting it with another carrier oil, such as coconut or olive oil. That way, you can use it everyday if you wish.


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