Ditch the comb! Finger Detangling Your Natural Hair is the way forward!

Hi ladies!
   A couple of weeks ago, I took down my 3 months old kinky twists. After a long period of pulling and tugging the tiny twists, i finally had a mane filled with kinks, relaxed ends and knots. As a typical Nigerian, I reached out for my cutting comb to try and unravel the knots. After several failed attempts, I took my pair of scissors and chopped the knots off. After which I went on to wash and deep condition hoping the knots would disappear and I would be able to comb freely. If only I had known. Smh. Anyways, when I was done, I stood in front of the mirror with my wide-toothed comb to straighten my hair and try and look half-decent.

Ladies, I didn't realize I've had so much growth, I mean I am 9months post relaxer, what was I expecting? My natural hair had caught up with my relaxed ends so I had little left. So combing was a no-no even with the biggest one.

Eventually, I cut off the rest of the knots. [Growth retention here was the last thing on my mind] and started detangling with my fingers. I gradually had control of my hair and fixed a quick updo. Gosh! My neck hurt for days. This was my official introduction to the technique of detangling. Would you believe I haven't held a comb since then? *inserts audience clap here* LOL!

So my dear transitioners, take a cue from me. Practice the art of detangling so that by the time you get to that stage of your hair journey, you would need to reach out for a comb anymore.

Till next time

Stay Beautiful


  1. Lol. Don't worry, if one doesn't learn while transitioning, by the time the person is fully natural, she will learn. Trust me.

  2. Nice, but the best way to remove and detangle , matted hair, knots and tangles is by using the Take Down Remover cream. It really softens the hair and prevents breakage with detangling your hair.

  3. Take down removal cream! What that all about?
    From experience I also know that a well trimmed and filed nail is necessary when finger detangling so as to avoid breakage.


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