The great benefits of aloe Vera to your hair

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It is always important to understand the benefits of the products you use, so you can know exactly how to engage them. I read about the great benefits of the aloe vera to the hair and I was really amazed, I just had to share. It has indeed proven to be a great plant. So many people have enjoyed the health benefits of aloe Vera, it has become a main component of alternative therapies. Now we get to utilize it for the hair too. I'd say everyone should just grow a tiny bunch in their garden, it can grow very well too in a small pot. 
Here are some of the benefits if aloe Vera to the hair: 

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- It is a good moisturizer
Aloe Vera acts as a good moisturizer leaving your hair feeling soft and smooth. Add it to your conditioning mix to maximize moisture retention.

- It acts as a good hair growth stimulator
Due to the enzymes present in the aloe Vera juice, it can be used to promote hair growth, as well as prevent hair loss. 

- It can be used as an astringent to get rid of excess oils from your hair
Excess oils can clog hair follicles causing hair damage, retarded growth and hair loss. You can use aloe Vera juice to clean these excess oil residues from your hair.

- It can help tackle dandruff and itchy scalps
It has anti - pruritic elements which function to alleviate itching and scarring of the scalp. Apart from that, it also helps to remove dead cells which would otherwise contribute to itching. The greatest aspect is its ability to tackle dandruff itself. Dandruff usually has a fungal origin, and since this plant has anti fungal properties, dandruff cannot thrive on the scalp when aloe Vera is being introduced. 

A single plant with so many benefits. Quite impressive!

Don't forget to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride. 

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  1. Aloe vera is one plant that is good for the whole of our body system, in and out. It is considered nature's best medicine.

    For hair, it is also used as a humectant.

  2. As amazing as Aloe Vera is, it does not work for everyone- or should I say, some people's hair can tolerate more Aloe Vera than others.

    Aloe Vera smooths the hair cuticle which is amazing for people with highly porous strands but definitely unnecessary for people with low porosity strands.

    Some naturals love it so much that they replace water with Aloe Vera Juice, whereas others can only appreciate it in a product if it's one of the ingredients further down the list.

    I'm just saying, don't be too disappointed if Aloe Vera (like basically every wonder in the hair care community) does not work for you, or work as well as you expect.


  3. I was going to say the same thing. For Low po naturals, Aloevera can be a deal breaker!!! its nice in twisting butters but when way down the list

  4. I'm definitely going to give it a try. I hope it deals with all those dead cells on my scalp and also moisturize my hair.


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