11 scarves in 11 styles: Jazz up your natural hair

Are you one of those girls or women who only wear scarves on bad hair days? Well, i'm here to tell you that scarves can also be a great accessory and protective gear for your hair. I wear scarves as accessories on days I don't feel like wearing a headband, flower or any hair piece. I also wear it outdoor in the winter and summer season.

In the winter time, I would wear a thick scarf on extremely cold days. I do this to protect my hair from freezing and breaking off with the strong winds. While in the summer time, I would just throw a thin scarf on my head on hot days as i'm afraid the sun would fry my hair and make it feel "strawlike".  And since I styled my hair before leaving the house, I might remove the scarf once i'm indoor.

So if you have a bunch of scarves just sitting in your cupboard or elsewhere around the house, why not collect them all together and start wrapping them around your head to see what you'll come up with. And if you can't think of anything, you can start with the 11 styles below and remember to share pictures of your beautiful styles on my facebook page.

Style 1
Bomb Girls/1940s Inspired

Style 2
Afro Vintage Inspired

Style 3
Twist out pot

Style 4
Twistout flower pot + Bangs
Style 5
Nollywood Inspired
Style 6
All around Indian (Bengal) Tiger
Style 7
Ancient Chinese plus Bump
Style 8

Style 9
Silky Bow

Style 10
Ankara with a tail

                                                                   Style 11
Enchanted Forest Updo
My appologies for the cheesy names, feel free to suggest a better name for a particular style. 

Which is your favourite? mine is style 1, one of my go to styles


  1. I like the Afro Vintage, Silky Bow and Ancient Chinese

  2. thanks ladies, i hope you try one or two of the styles :)

  3. Nollywood inspired lol!!!
    Love the updo one. It doesn't look this cure when I do it tho. More practise it is!


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