How to do the length check for your natural hair

Hi Naturalistas
Last time, I showed you my first real length check.
Today, I decided to show you how to incorporate it into your routines.
When it comes to length checks, the idea is to be able to get measurable results. To ensure that, you must use real measurement techniques. Here are some of the patterns that are common

1. Tape measurement:
Using a tape, pull your coils to stretch it maximally and record the length using a tape. Ilola mentioned she uses a ruler to do it instead. That could also work.

2. Using landmarks around the body:
The thing about using bodily landmarks is that it requires a lot of time and patience. This is the one I would be sticking to 'cause it works best with my goals of doing the length checks.
The landmarks commonly used are.
1. Shoulder
2. Armpit
3. Bra strap
4. Mid back
5. Waist length

How often should you do the length checks?
Depending on your genetics, you should regulate your expectations of growth. Some hair types allow for more growth than others, and we all have our peculiarities in that aspect. You should keep this in mind when you draw your hair goals. I have decided to do length checks from now on, but I have decided to give it a 6 months interval. 
I have understood from time that my growth is as low as half an inch a month if not even less. 
Now that means that doing an every month check is just about me stressing myself unnecessarily, because the growth may not even be visible. 
That is the mistake most people make when they say "my hair isn't growing" 
Don't stress it. Give it the time it requires. You have to understand that it is different for different people too, so do not use your friend's hair as the yardstick for measurement. 

I will mention how doing the length checks can help you in your hair journey next time. Until then, don't forget to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride. 

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  1. rulers are better than tape measures which are flimsy. Did you draw the length check person? It looks great! good job.
    Genetics and regimen will determine the rate of your growth and retention.

    "measuring" your hair is better than body length checks because bsl,mbl etc can be different length for people. e.g if you have a long neck, it'll take a while for your hair to get to shoulder length. And tall vs short people will have different body sizes. So if you're length obsessed, a measuring tool will be an effective tool to track your progress.

  2. But I think the whole idea is to not be length obsessed but still monitoring your progress is still important.
    Yes, I drew it :)
    Thanks for the contribution, dear


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