How to: African Threading (Irun Kiko) + Accesorizing it!

African threading is a great heat-free way to stretch  your natural and transitioning hair. I usually plait (thread) my hair wet and leave it in for a day if my initial plan is to stretch it. If not, I'd style it more neatly and wear the style for about a week, accesorizing it as I wish. I wear whatever style I want regardless of the group of people known for the particular style. Many adults don't like to wear this style because they believe only kids or village people can wear it. Well, did you know that kids and village people also wear weaves, chemically straightened hair and other "adult" hairstyles? So rather than stressing over what others might say or not say, I say to "Keep calm and do African threading"

How to: Irun Kiko/African Threading
- I washed, detangled and DC (deep conditioned) my hair with Moroccan clay the night before.
-  I then applied some shea moisture reconstructive conditioner as a leave-in and sealed the ends with some castor oil
- I twisted my hair into 16 twists to keep it stretched for the style
- I pinned most of the roots down to keep them stretched and I pinned all the twists in a circular pattern to keep everything stretched.
 - The next day, I took down all the twists, parted my hair horizontally into 3 sections and proceeded to styling
- I used weave thread and doubled the strand to give it more grip as a single thread is often too slippery. You can also use the regular plaiting thread if you are able to buy it from the market.
- I did a total of 12 chunky plaits with the middle and back part being extra chunky.
-  I then gathered all the hair together at the back so it's neat and presentable

Post Styling: Maintenance
- I spritz it twice a week with my hair softening spritz (minus the conditioner to avoid build up) and I applied my oil mix on my scalp when necessary
- To prolong the "life expectancy" of the style, I usually wear a silk scarf when i'm in the house, sleeping and getting dressed

Post Styling: Accessories
You could accesorize this traditional look in any way you like, but I tend to do weat these 3 styles

1. A cute headband

2. Fascinator/Brooch
3. Headband Scarf

Have you worn African Threading as a protective style? Would you? 

The Mane Captain


  1. yes,i did the african threading that looks like twists when it is done and had it for a week.really liked it.

    1. I always thread my hair like that too. I don't have the patience to thread without spaces in between. Did you wear your hair out? or you covered it with a headscarf or wig. A lot of women aren't comfortable wearing it out, even if its nicely done.

  2. I did this only once to stretch my hair for trimmind. Wasnt bold enough to wear it out. Lol. Will do next time. Pls check out my blog :-)

    1. you have an awesome blog! your African threading also looked great, way better than mine. shame you didn't wear it out. I think your method of hair trim is an effective way to trim one's ends. Never heard of the technique, so i'll try it the next time i trim

  3. This is our go-to hairstyle. My daughter loves the african threading because it doesnt take long to make.

  4. I did african threading once...but I did not wear it out oh.

  5. Hello Atilola,

    Yes, I’ve done the corkscrew threading hairstyle twice this year (picture is on my blog), and each time I had it in for 3 weeks.

    I’d recommend threading, it’s the best protective style that I have ever done as my strands were locked in.

    On take-down days, my hair was smooth, and I could even still smell the leave-in conditioner that I’d applied before my hair was threaded. It’s important that the hair is well moisturized and oiled prior to being wrapped in thread, almost like marinating chicken in spices and then covering in foil paper :-D

    Super easy to manage too, all I did spritz with a water and glycerin mix.

    1. Wow. You didn't overdo it like some of us by leaving the style in for too long. Well done.


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