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African men keeping their hair is something that is not exactly the norm. Our male counterparts often have to visit a barber to keep their hair very short frequently. The reason is not far fetched. It is easier to manage the hair in that form and many people have taken to it. For some reasons, most of them that grow their hair prefer to restructure it and carry it slipped back or braided. The hair when completely relaxed mimics the look of a caucasian's hair which is not such a rare sight and it's also easy to manage.


I do not sit down to imagine guys going through the struggle of growing their hair out as Afro, not when they have several options and they do not really need to feel out of place.

Hair is generally known as the crown of a woman. I understand that we can go very far just to keep that hair looking great all the time. It doesn't really matter the race, ladies just have this tendency of spending the time to care for their hair.
Looking at men over the years as they gradually embrace growing their hair naturally has been sort of fascinating. The big question is always, "Do they really have to work hard to manage the hair like we ladies do?"
Those that opt for locs make the question somewhat easier to answer. Considering their more laid back nature when it comes to hair concerns, it is definitely understandable that they would prefer to just loc it and forget it. They do not need to put in so much routines in caring for it. 
But one thing is sure, when I see a man with a big Afro puff, I'm always inspired all over again. 

                                                                  Source: Link no longer active

But really, how much work do they have to put in to keep that hair looking full, neat and stretched out? I guess they really do not have to struggle with it otherwise they would have easily opted for the many other comfortable options. 

If the men can do it, you definitely can 
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. I have it in mind to make my son wear an afro till he's old enuf to say no. Afro just looks cute on young boys.

    1. @ANHP same! Would love ma son to wear afro too..maybe some random cornrows.

    2. Totally adore young lads with afro hair, especially when it's braided :)

  2. There are a few Natural brothers on YT who share their routine. Any man with long hair, regardless of the race spends more time on their hair than their male counterparts with short hair, may be not as much as women. Loc'ed men with neat locs also spend the time and money on their hair. I personally don't find men with long hair attractive, only fascinating. And I find those with jerri curls n relaxed hair very interesting to look at.
    one thing I can't wrap my head around is why mothers choose to grow their son's hair out and go through the fuss of caring for it daily. Unless that is the only child they have and the boy doesn't mind, then i guess caring for it shouldn't be a problem.

    1. I thought as much, they just must be putting in the time

      About mothers choosing to grow their son's hair, it's just choice but I do believe the boys consent should be sought too


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