Does Natural Hair affect celebrity status?

Hi Naturalistas
What do you think about Afro hair and the effect it has on one's image?
I just want you to take a second and pay attention to the thoughts going through your mind.
Public figures know how much their image matters to them. A very little tweak can add enormous impact to their career more than one can easily understand.
Severally, many celebrities toe the line of silky straight and brilliantly curled as the most preferred look.


You do not really blame them. Most of them are usually on a contract, have stylists, advisers and managers who play the most part in how they are supposed to be portrayed. It is well communicated to them that it is all in a bit to attain success.

When I first knew Janelle Monae in her song "Tight rope", I saw a very strong lady who knew that talent could not be hidden and she was not afraid to do it just the way she willed. Her hair was in it's Afro state, always in a nice pin up style and it's such a signature look, a look that got her a lot of attention.

As I started following her closely (because I love her works), I noticed the signature up do was still there but it was gradually losing it's Afro nature. It was now restructured, but I'm sure the whole idea is that  perhaps, people will not pay attention too much to the "mild changes" since she pretty much still had it pinned up. "Well, maybe she straightened it out for a change" but gradually and gradually as she has hit more success since her first single, a lot of people have been giving her hair more attention. More fans talking about it, and be sure she would have both the positive and the negative, and I want to guess the opportunity to roll with more of the kind of people that "matter" and whose opinions are like gold. 

Recently, the pin up look gradually made way for a weave somewhere in her new video for her song "Q.U.E.E.N" 
"Let me guess, as long as she still has the look somewhere in the video it shouldn't matter so much that she decided to tweak it, right?" I'm not saying it is wrong that she has decided to change her look, I'm just trying to point out how much she saw the need to change it now, after having it that way in all her videos in time past. Mere coincidence? 

In a world where everyone is constantly trying to hide that hair and make sure that no one remembers them as that 'girl with Nappy hair', Brandy floods the internet with pictures of her looking like these.
I don't care what people have to say as I'm sure people will always have something to say, all I know is that Brandy has inspired me to think beyond the obvious thing in this picture. She is not afraid to be the person she really is.
No, it is not paparazi spotting her on her bad hair day, it is her deliberately flaunting what her hair looks like for all to know.

This is not just me talking about hair, even though it feels like that.
This is me telling you to never be compelled to trade your true essence for anything in this world. Whatever will happen, will happen eventually and you do not really need to betray yourself over whatever you think you deserve. Wipe the negative thoughts off your head, it is just a function of one's mind.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. Oooh, Brandy's hair looks gorgeous!

    I don't know if natural hair makes a negative impact on celebrities. I remember when Viola Davis attended the Oscars, nominated for her role in The Help, everyone ooh'd and ahh'd over how lovely she looked.

    On the other hand, if you're a Janelle Monae or Esperanza Spalding and you come out with a relaxer, #TeamNatural would most likely go ballistic and claim that you sold out.

    1. I am one person that cannot stand natural hair fanatics, you know those ones that try to make everyone see reasons why they should have natural hair whether they really want to or not. As far as I'm concerned, it is just hair and you can choose to rock it however you will. My only concern is to remind everyone that there are so many options and they can choose anyone they want and they do not have to worry about it at all. I strongly believe that celebrities sometimes have to go out of their way to compromise these things merely out of compulsion. As long as that is what they want to do, it is fine. But if anyone has the opinion that it will affect their success rate, then they really need to stop letting anyone feed us with any "picture perfect" look or should I say "preferred image" because it is all make belief.

  2. I don't think their hair affects their status. this is why most Black celebrities wear weaves. weaves allow for unlimited manipulation without doing damage to one's hair, relaxed or natural. Tracie Ross herself mentioned that she had to style her hair herself so that her stylists won't damage it. Hair is something that can be concealed and shaped into a particular style to fit a role or image.


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