My 2 year old's natural hair is breaking


Hi AN,

Please, I have a 2 yr old daughter with natural hair but of late the hair has been cutting tremendously. I have never applied relaxer to the hair before but it is terribly breaking. Do you advise I totally cut off the hair and start all over again? Also, what products will you recommend for her? Also, please what's your take on a new born baby's hair? Should it be cut once she is a year old or not? At times, the hair gets weak and then begins to cut all by itself.

I will expect your reply, please.



Good Day A,

Thanks for your enquiry. Firstly, for your 2 yr old daughter, I don't think it is necessary to totally cut off her hair. If her hair is breaking because it is very dry and hard, I recommend that you do a moisture deep conditioning of avocado pear, coconut oil, coconut milk, honey, and aloe vera gel on her hair. If that is not the case, please, do a protein deep conditioning treatment of mayonnaise, olive oil, honey, and shea butter on her hair. We also sell our African Naturalistas deep conditioning treatment, which has properly balanced both moisture and protein, and I recommend that you get one if you don't want to bother getting all these mix and doing it yourself. Doing this DC treatment on your daughter's hair every two weeks should be able to sort the breakage out. For her hair cream, I recommend that you get our Lavie Life hair butter, which helps with alopecia and controls breakage. I also recommend that you spray her hair with a mixture of water and olive oil every morning and night. This will make sure her hair is well moisturised at all times. Below are a few tips I gave other mothers in your situation, and worked.

1. Don't use heat on her hair

2. Don't use extensions on her hair (at least until the breakage is over)
 3. Let her sleep with her hair covered with satin bonnet or scarf. Never let her sleep with her head bare (to protect her edges)

4. Don't use the tiny blue comb or any small comb for her hair. Comb with a big wide-toothed comb

5. Wash often and do the Deep conditioning to help get reduce breakage
6. Don't use anything that has petroleum products or mineral products. Use hair butters instead.
7. Avoid using rubber bands as much as possible. If you must use rubber band, make sure its first of all soaked in olive oil, so as not to snag her hair strands
8. Let her eat as much proteins as possible

N.B: Don't be anxious, everything will correct itself in the long run

As for the new born baby's hair,  you should let it grow out. Should it get weak, and start falling out, cut it all off, and start a new growth phase.

I hope this mail has been of great help to you. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

Best Regards


  1. Hi, I reali wish I had seen dis post lik 3mnths ago. My daughter ws born with very full hair, the envy of others. Anyway I didn't want to cut it cos I dnt believe in that myth that deir hair must be cut. But after a year and 3months, I realised her hair was seriously cutting at the edges and the part I trimmed off earlier with my unprofessional hand was not growing. So I decided to just cut it all off. The only problem now is my baby doesn't want anythin on her hair, (right from when she was born) so I am jst wondering how to deep condition her hair. I will be tryin though. Thanks a lot.

    1. Lol, the post is not up to 3 months on the blog. Aww. I guess you should ask other mothers how they train their toddlers to carry stuffs on their hair.

  2. My daughter is 14 months her hair is curly but its also very dry and frizzy. What do you think I should do about her hair?

  3. My daughter is 14 months her hair is curly but its also very dry and frizzy. What do you think I should do about her hair?

  4. My daughter is 2 and I have seen that her hair has broken off what should I do?

  5. What type of Olive oil are you request to use on 2 years old


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