Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 1

Whatever day this is...I'm not gonna start putting the date tags.
Let me count it my own way anyway


Week 1
Dear natural Hair Dairy
I'm keeping you to see how far I can go.
This is the day i decide to start doing something about my hair. it's hair alright. But it's part of me too. I didnt transition and no, I didnt do the BigChop. i just decided to pay attention to what is on my head and nurture it.
Okay, so i've watched so many videos, I've read so many blogs, my writing pad is filled with what to do and what not to do.
But majorly, what not to do. i'm trying to estimate cost and oh no! it's looking like i'm gonna spend quite a number of cash. Money...oh no! Money...I'm sure if I was relaxed I wouldn't be spending so much on hair. I just read this blog that listed the number of things I can buy and where i can get it from.
I'm in Nigeria, where and when will Amazon ship it over...
and then i watched this amazing hair video of this pretty chica who's still nurturing her teeny weeny natural hair and i 'm seeing entirely different products.
Now, what do i do? where do i even start from?
How do i know what my hair likes and am i even going to survive this whole Natural Hair Revolution thing? cos with the way everything is going, i think i might just have to pass on somethings..
Oh and by the way, i'm thinking of how crunchy my hair feels after washing whereas i see soft curly hair on those girls on Youtube.
Tomorrow is another day...
as for those products and other much ado about this natural hair thing, we'll see next week.

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  1. Finally i found the first Natural hair diary post By Anna the Edo babe. A part of me loves that it could be fiction. the other part wants it to be real but then we know about dimeji. hmmm, violating privacy. it might not be his real name *thinking out loud*


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