A simple hair growth and retention regimen

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When using hair products, you should try to combine them depending on the specific results you want. Like you probably already know, I use natural ingredients for most of my hair needs. This is the combination I use specifically for hair growth and retention.

Castor oil: It triggers hair cells to produce hair

Aloe vera : Helps to prevent hair damage as well as hair loss. It also helps with new hair growth

Jojoba oil: Helps to induce hair growth

These are the 3 main ingredients in my regimen.
I usually add some coconut milk for protein, just to balance things up. It also helps to facilitate growth.

I mix them all up, massage it into my scalp, leave it for at least 30 minutes. To speed things up, I use a shower cap.
Wash it, use a leave-in-conditioner and seal with olive oil.
Olive oil helps to promote healthy hair rentention. It strengthens the hair, helps to increase the thickness and density. This will help prevent undue hair loss.
To get best results, you want to retain as much hair as you are able to grow. I also recommend using a good conditioner. I recommend herbal essences 'honey, I'm strong' collection.

Can you think of any other ingredients that could make it here?
Leave them below

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  1. Shea Butter: Good for thick hair or those with dry hair. It seals in moisture for longer periods of time.
    Honey and Glycerin: Good Humectants. I add Honey to my deep conditioning treatment and Glycerin to my leave in and other styling products.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: To help close the cuticles after a hair wash. (P.S, this hasn't worked for me yet, but i'm determined to make it work!)

  2. Thank you so much for this tip. Will definitely try this for my next home steam.


  3. Palm oil give my hair moisture so i add to my deep conditioning mix. I seal my hair with whipped shea butter.

  4. Palm oil moisturises my hair so i add to my dc mix. I seal with whipped shea butter


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