Tracee Ellis Ross wants YOU to love YOUR Hair

Tracee Ellis Ross
In a previous blog post, I wrote about 8 reasons why Natural Hair isn't a Hairstyle but a Lifestyle. The 7th reason stated that no matter how hard we try, our hair might not always produce the same results we see other girls achieve. The spectrum of hair textures, physical and chemical properties of Black hair makes our hair so diverse, unique and complicated.

Many of us have been conditioned to hate our hair and wish we could have someone else's hair, even if this other person's hair is of a different race!


So instead of trying to train your hair into complete submission by making it look like another person's hair, learn to love your hair instead! Although you may not be able to pull off Tracee Ellis Ross's hairstyles, there are so many other styles you could dress your hair in which Tracee can't wear hers in no mater how hard she tries.

So here's the Challenge she proposes, Make a video or go leave a comment on her page and on HERE as well telling us "Why you love your hair" 

Let me go first,

"I love my hair because it has an attitude just like its owner, it has its on and off days, you can't make it do something it doesn't want to, it's full and healthy, it's strong and resilient.  And most especially, I am very thankful to God for giving me a head with hair on it"

So, Why do you love your hair?
The Mane Captain


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  2. I love my hair because it is very versatile

  3. I love my hair because it makes me standout and i have a new found confidence.

  4. ooo....*wailing*...i dont like my hair. its so scanty nd ugly

  5. Hi Sylvia,
    Is that your real hair in your profile pic? if so, then you've got beautiful hair. You could also have fine hair or very few hair follicles on your head.
    I suggest you read this post

    or look up other fine haired bloggers such as coily Bella at


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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