My Natural Hairdrobe (Junks and Treasures)

Hi people, how was the previous week? I hope cool. Let me go straight to the point, in order to avoid having a very long post.

So, this is the hairdrobe post I promised to do in my last post. I think it is an okay hairdrobe for a naturalista, but it lacks in some essential oils.

If you see anything in the picture that wasn’t tagged, then it should be because it’s not necessary and not really part of my hairdrobe.

I have removed some multiples, for example, I have more than one leave-in conditioner of the same product, setting lotion of the same product, aloe vera gel of the same product, etc.

The hairdrobe is in two parts. I couldn’t get them all into one picture because I was just plain lazy to think of arranging them into one, the way we were arranged to take large group pictures in our ‘Aunty, gimme cake party’ when we were younger.

After much consideration, I decided to split the post into 2. This is because it’s a long post and I don’t want you guys to get tired because believe me, you will learn from it, you will know what product are useful for you and some you shouldn’t even waste your time and money getting.


Haidrobe 1

Hairdrobe 2

Hairdrobe 1

A- Black Tea: I use this for my tea rinse every two weeks. To read my post on tea rinse, click here.

B- Gel Mix: A container that contains like four different types of Gel I used to twist my hair last. There was olive oil styling gel, world of curls activator, aloe vera gel and Jack five curl activator. The first two were stolen from my mum’s hairdrobe. *covers face in shame*

C- Coconut Oil cream: In my days of ignorance, when I was a new naturalista, I saw this in a road side salon and bought it for N100.00, thinking I was buying real coconut oil, as the label said. Getting to know better, I realized it was just a junk of petroleum product used to scam people. Now, I only use it to oil kinky braid extensions because I really can’t think of its use for anything else.

D – Styling Gel: Another junk of a product that I don’t use and should really give out to my sister that has relaxed hair. I also bought this in my days of ignorance.

E – Castille Soap (Peppermint): One of the products I can’t do without. As you might know by now, I don’t use shampoo on my hair. What I use is the liquid castile soap, a soap made of 100% natural ingredients.

F- Jojoba Oil Cream: It is a product of Organic Root Stimulator. Its case is very similar to that of C above. I bought it thinking I was buying Jojoba oil. Even though it is not much of a junk like C, I only use it for my kinky braid extension, because of the petroleum in it.

G- Conditioner: I believe we all know what a conditioner is used for on our hair, lol.

H- Diluted ACV: I use this to get rid of build up immediately after washing my hair, just before doing the tea rinse.

I – Africa Naturalista Hair Butter: This is a remnant from a whipped hair butter I made for a customer sometime back. I use it every morning to seal in moisture in my hair. 

J- Glycerin: I use this to make my hair products and I also mix it with water and olive oil and spray on my hair every morning and night. What glycerin does is to attract moisture to the hair.

K – Shampoo: When I cut off my dreads and started leaving my hair, I had to get this before my order for Castille soap got to the country. It claims to be a coconut oil shampoo, but it still has all the chemicals in it.

L- African Pride Olive Miracle: Along with the big Castille soap, Glycerine and some hair accessories, this is one of the things I won from a fellow blogger in a particular challenge. I must say it has a very lovely fragrance, but I have never really used it on my hair. I am sure it will be useful for me very soon.

M- Coconut Oil: Finally some real coconut oil. Yes, I know it is real because I made it myself. To find out how I made it, check out the second method in this post.

N- Jack 5 Curl Activator: This is one of the gels I use to make my twists. It is the least on my scale of preference though.

To be continued


  1. I dare not put up a pix of my hairdrobe, it will look like a robbed shop with only about half of the items I see here *sigh* the journey farrrrr!

    1. Having half of the items you see here is not bad at all. Its not in the quantity of what you have, its in the quality

  2. Wow! Really wondering what the 'D' in the second picture is. I'll check back sooner :)

    1. I'd have really loved to tell you, but I will want to give you that element of surprise

  3. Oh boy yeh...wetin.My roommate needs to see this so she can see that 'I dey learn were you dey' :)

    1. Looooollll. Keeping it simple is good o. Is your room mate complaining?

  4. Ermm *smh, i am afraid to say that my hairrobe has more products than yours.Covers face in shame

    BUT i am curtailing my PJism, i haven't bought anything since December 2011*cough,cough*

    1. Loollll. Its good to keep it simple and not be a product junkie oo. I dunno what 'PJism' means sha.
      Please, try and buy only what you need

    2. LOL you just said it "Product Junkie" - ism


  5. men...see products...i tell myself i don't have loads of products but i am sure if i put all of mine together it will reach somewhere...

    1. Yes o. I guess we don't know how much products we have until we gather them together. They are usually scattered here and there

  6. in fact, you have enough to open a shop. i love hair products but dont even have up to half of these. if i buy them i'm not sure i'll use them all or if i'll use them consistently

    1. Lool @ opening a shop. The most important thing is to get what you need


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