My Training Head

In the light of the Natural Hair Meet up that is coming on next month, I took a concrete step towards one of the goals I set for myself at the last Meet up. As some of you might know, my major hair challenge is hair styling. I see some Naturalista's hair and just get jealous. The goal was to learn how to weave and I am so ashamed to say this, I did not do anything about that goal. Its funny how I want to be an expert like Natmane and I have been so lazy about it.

So I finally got myself a training head. You can see her below, still looking for what to name her. Though, she is not African, the main thing is that her hair can be woven and braided. I think I spent a lot of money on her and that still pains me. I just have to make sure I use her so well and by the time I am done with her, I will be a pro. Still looking for a way to screw her up, though.

In the light of this, I have also upgraded my hairdrobe a little bit. Still lacking some essential oils, though. I am sure that will be corrected sometime in the year. I will be doing a post of my hair closet or hairdrobe very soon. Get ready, cos you will be tagged in it.

Wish me the best in my journey to being a great Natural Hair stylist


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  2. All the best dearie!


    look forward to your "hairdrobe" post

  3. Looking forward to your hairdrobe post too

  4. all the best in your journey. Abeg learn and come and teach us o. :-)


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