Natural Hair Meet up in Lagos

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Good day people, how is your week going so far? I am so excited at this period. Why is that? Natural Nigerian and her friends have been working on a natural hair meet up in Lagos, Nigeria. I am glad because this is the first of this kind that I am aware of. Natural hair carriers are not so common in here, so the few ones need all the support they can get.

Personally, I have so much to learn, especially when it comes to hair growth and retention. What more, there are giveaways. Who doesn’t like free things, just like I do? Even if I don’t end up getting any free stuff, the knowledge I am going to be gaining cannot be valued, so I still get a lot of ‘free knowledge’. Just because of these reasons, I have decided that nothing will stop me from making this event.

I am supposed to be in Nnewi all through the month of November, and I had initially planned to come to Lagos that weekend to sort a few things out and attend a wedding. But after NN informed us about the date, I decided to forget about the wedding because the meet up is more of a priority to me.
Please, all Naturalistas that can make it should try to be there. It’s a free and educative forum, you have nothing to lose, you gotta be there!

Below are the details

Date: 19 November 2011
Venue: The Life House, No 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, off Younis Bashorun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos (the brown gate directly opposite Suzy Q club).

 -The lovely nutritionist; Sherese Ijewre of CaribbeanHealth&Nutrition will be talking to us about how our diet affects our hair,skin and general living
-The motivational speaker; Mrs. Ifeoma Williams will also be at the event to boost our SELF-LOVE.
- Natural NigerianScrewyhairedgirl and Natmane will also be at the meet- up.
There will be hard to find natural hair products on sale, a GIVEAWAY and...The Zebra boutique will be having 

More Details about the venue: You can check out this post on Natmane's blog for more information about the venue. I have been there before and I can guarantee that you will love it!

You can follow us on twitter to keep in touch, as the event unfolds by clicking the twitter button on the right on search for the twitter handle @africanaturalis


  1. Wish I was in lagos so I could attend.

    have fun y'all!

  2. Hey I got mentioned!! thanks Sister..looking forward to seeing everybody.

  3. Nice one, wish I was there.

  4. Hattylola the traveller, make sure you're there oh!

  5. @ aloted: eeya, don't worry, I will write a lot, just like I take sermon notes and share the knowledge

    @ Natmane: Yes naa, its your work and I have to credit you.

    @ martha: Yeeaaaahhh, thanks for dropping by my blog. Can't wait to c u guys too

    @ Myne: No worries, I will post updates. thats what we can do for each other

    @ PET Projects: trust me, My God and I will move mountains to be there, lol.

  6. Thanks for putting up our meet-up flyer!

    Went by Life House today to drop off flyers and you're right: Zebra Living has a sale on right now and it'll still be on next week during the meet-up! See you there!


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