How to make Coconut Oil for your hair

Hi people, how are you all and how is the hair journey? I thought to do something different today. I realized that coconut oil is quite expensive and I said to myself, ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful to make my own coconut oil since I have access to coconut?’ further research made me realize that there are so many ways to extract oil from coconut. I guess the reason for the price tag is the difficulty in extracting the oil and the small amount of oil one coconut produces
I will like to share two of the many methods with you. I will talk about dehydration method and heating method


1. Grate the coconut to get the meat out and dry for three to five days. 

Picture from iFood
2. When the meat is completely dehydrated, put it in a pan and apply very low heat to it. After a while, you will see the oil beginning to come out of the coconut, sieve and store as desired

Picture from Urban Hair care


A second method is the heating method

1. Blend the coconut with water to get the coconut milk. 

2. Heat the coconut milk over a low flame. Be sure to stir regularly to avoid the burning of the milk. The milk becomes thicker as time goes on and the water evaporates. After a while, the oil will start separating from the milk. 

Picture from iFood

3. After you have gotten your desired results, cool the oil and sediment and decant the oil into a clean container.

There it is! You have you coconut oil. You can mix with any other oil or natural resource, as you wish or just apply to your hair that way. I hope this post has been helpful to you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I am familiar with the second method. Unfortunately I don't have access to coconut where I am. Woulda loved to try this.

    Mentioned u on my latest check it out when u can...


  2. This was very helpful. I will be looking for coconut now

  3. This looks a bit too difficult, and where would I even find coconuts here? But thanks for sharing, maybe when I have more access.

  4. i remember my mum used to make this back home, very nice aroma, can be used for both body and hair. I'd ask her to make some for me.

  5. @ aloted: Eeya, I checked your post, I have coconut in my backyard oo, just in case you want, lol

    @ Okeoghene: Glad to know this benefited you

    @ Myne: Aww, its not as difficult as it looks. Maybe when next you come to Nigeria, you can make it

    @ Coy Introvert: Yeah, that will be cool, maybe your mum can make for me too

  6. Thx a lot 4 sharing..... Whatelse can u teach us how 2 make? *wink wink*

  7. I always wanted to know how to extract my own coconut oil. Thanks! I'' try this weekend!


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